Muhammed Lawal Idris: A Smooth Ride From Ajaokuta to the Green Chamber Once More

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The good people of the Ajaokuta constituency of Kogi State, have trusted and are throwing their weight in support of Honourable Muhammed Lawal Idris in other to pilot their affairs in the Green Chamber once more.

Hon. Lawal who has from 2015 representing the Ajaokuta constituency under the platform of the All Progressive Party has proven integrity, charismatic attitude, reliable, and a true leader emanated from the Ajaokuta native village, who have over the years showcase many acts of diligence, dutiful and well-coordinated vibe of a responsible representative and a well open to all leader.

Hon. Lawal is not tired and is keen on continuing the role he had started in making sure that the people of Ajaokuta are wiped out from the poverty-stricken hands and are empowered passionately that brings about development in all the 14 wards present in Ajaokuta, the lawmaker who is now seeking a third bid under the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) in representing Ajaokuta Federal constituency of Kogi State at the Federal House of Representatives. Hon Lawal who is a two-time member of the House of Representatives Member representing the Ajaokuta constituency was elected twice under the APC party, with his ever hands of benevolence transferred and shared to his people with the pattern of transforming lives, offering a helping hand to his host community by continuously providing them employment as it has always done from the onset when he was elected, carrying out people-oriented empowerment, provide for them relief in times of need and engaging them with a wide range of skills acquisition that better their lives and are free from idleness. 

Provision of opportunities for employment that sprang to all in the constituency, engaging them through skills and unskilled programs for the teeming youth, giving and making a way to attract live transformation to the aged women, nursing mothers, vibrant men, and aged men. Donation of items such as Motorcycle, Cars, Generator, and Engine Machine among all others to the deserving people of the constituency is something worth emulating that brings solace and further complements the plans from the government of the day which translates into maintaining large and wide participation of governance as a source of encouragement from everyone that makes up the constituency.

The lawmaker has had beautiful record making which has moved and will move greater advantages in transforming all sectors and structure in Ajaokuta, with his wide ways of exposure from local, National, and International issues, with a high need to concentrate on mutual love, peaceful co-existence and the spirit of togetherness among the various tribal-ethnic groups present in Ajaokuta Local Government. 

The highly sort clean record law-maker has in various forms challenged his certification tendered by him to the greener chamber, which is seven times the case of alleged certificate forgery was being filed against him by his opponent, but all judgments from the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court had been to his favour. 

Hon. Lawal who sees the people suffering and problem as his problems have on many occasions drawn and map out a lasting solution to curtailing the dreg and ills emanating from either a natural disaster, manmade course, etc. The Law-maker who in a few months back visited the nine communities affected by the flood in Ajaokuta Local Government assisted the inhabitants with goodies and items worth millions of Naira in solving the problem faced by them as a mark in providing that deliberate and purposeful representation coming out from his constituency. The Law-maker shared relief materials ranging from Rice, Soap, Mats, Oil, Maggie Cubes, Mosquito Nets, blankets etc to alleviate and ease the trying times of the flood, also, cash was given to the people of the affected communities, with the call for a permanent solution. 

The people that form the constituency have in all time showed confidence in Hon. Lawal due to his style of representation and managerial skills of the people through his political experiences, the effective choice of the people of Ajaokuta lies on the power of their thumb come February/March 2023 in deciding their fate, a vote for Hon. Lawal Muhammed Idris is a vote of competence, a vote for growth, a vote of wide empowerment, a vote for capacity building, a vote of social services construction, and a vote of transforming Ajaokuta beyond reality.

– Momoh Ayuba Danjumah (Pen-Chant) writes from Ajaokuta.

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