Motion Calling in Kogi Sate Govt. to Begin Total Rehabilitation of Abache-Aguyaya Road in Ankpa

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Mr. Speaker, my distinguish colleagues, good road network in our communities remains the backbone of the socio-economic activities, as development is closely related to the condition of the roads.

Whereas, The Abache-Okenyi-Ojibogo-Ejinya Efofe-Aguyaya road has become an embarrassing stigma. Normal interaction between these communities and its neighboring towns has been frustrated by bad roads. Vehicle owners are in distress as their vehicles are not used optimally. No commercial motorists in his right senses will agree to go to Abache-Okenyi-Ojibogo-Ejinya Efofe-Aguyaya because their vehicle will sink, while this road links the community to other surrounding communities.

Whereas, the agitation for the of this all important road (About 16 km stretch) which has the potential of turning around the socio-economic fortunes and the revenue base of the entire Ankpa LGA has spanned decades, starting from the military era, until June 2011, when the administration of the then governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris harkened to our voice and placed TENDER. Notice of theses is attached.

Whereas, a whole sections of these roads are being washed away by erosion and poorly planned or non-existent drainage system. Vehicles have been known to plunge with grave consequences. The fear of wasting the farm produce as a result of the deplorable roads had forced farmers in these communities to grow limited amount of crops that they can take to the market due to long hours of transporting them especially the perishables that can easily get spoilt.

Whereas, the Abache-Okenyi-Ojibogo-Ejinya Efofe-Aguyaya road which is not accessible from sister communities in Ankpa LGA, has forced the residents to ply their communities through Benue State. This has affected badly, the economic activities, revenue generation its mineral deposits and politically, the people during elections are disenfranchised due to lack of access roads to polling units.

Whereas, The State Government has made significant efforts by including the Abache-Okenyi-Ojibogo-Ejinya Efofe-Aguyaya road in the 2016 budget and we are yet to see anything positive done about it.


1. That the state government should as a matter of urgency and necessity, direct the relevant authorities to investigate what led to the delay in the construction of these roads.

2. That the State government begins rehabilitation of the Abache-Okenyi-Ojibogo-Ejinya Efofe-Aguyaya road.

3. That the house committee on works should as a matter of urgency carry out an oversight on these deplorable roads and other abandoned road projects, that were captured in the 2016 budget and has not received attention.

I so moved.

This…31st Day of…January..2017

Hon. Ahmed Mohammed.

Ankpa 1 Constituency

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