Memorandum Submitted by CHRCR to Assembly Committee Probing KOTRAMA

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Memorandum Submitted to the Kogi State House of Assembly Adhoc Committee Probing Illegal Activities of Kogi State Traffic Management Authority (KOTRAMA).

On 5th September, 2022
By Conscience for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution (CHRCR)

  1. A legally constituted agency or institution cannot be seen or allow to be perpetrating illegality.
  2. We have received complain in our office, through telephone call, verbal, media review and pronouncement by citizens in Kogi State.
  3. We observed the staff or operative of KOTRAMA does not wear Tag or Ranks.
  4. The Uniform have been changed twice since the inception.
  5. In our opinion, is KOTRAMA is revenue agency? Or they are to compliment other security agencies and paramilitary in the state.
  6. However, the activities of KOTRAMA in Kogi State, have not added any meaniful value to the Security, Safety and Development of Kogi State.

Based on the above and other relative issues, we made the following recommendations to Honourable Members, Kogi State House of Assembly:

  1. The Law establishing KOTRAMA should be review as soon as possible.
  2. We call for the scrapping of KOTRAMA and merge with VIO, as they are performing anything different from VIO, as they are merely duplicating the activities of VIO.
  3. In the event they have to remain, they must carry name tag and ranks, as all the staffs cannot have the same qualifications.
  4. Their roles should be properly defined in respect of traffic management and control.
  5. Their presence should be felt in the three (3) Senatorial District and Twenty-One (21) Local government of the State.
  6. The Law establishing KOTRAMA should be made available to the public in the even that they have to remain in existence and proper training of their personnel and operatives. In term of human rights as it provided for in the constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  7. The Roads in Lokoja should be marked to indicate where to park and where not to park by commuter to reflect standard practice nationally and internationally, especially as it is been practice in Abuja the Federal Capital City.

Idris Miliki Abdul
Executive Director,
Conscience for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution (CHRCR),
Lokoja, Kogi State.

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