Melaye’s Recall: The Show of Empty Bravado and Hopeful Illusions

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At the turn of much awaited (but turned shameful and fruitless) recall exercise, there was widespread euphoria in the entire Kogi West Senatorial District and Nigeria as a whole that a history was imminent. The convergence of idea and political factors promoted the purported petitioners and clueless conspirators _ab initio_ , however turned to promote the political credentials and sagacity of Senator Dino Melaye.

Dino (as he’s fondly called) may not have done well as expected in some quarters, but some people see him as not only one of the best senators in the 8 Assembly but the voice of the voiceless. Notwithstanding the camp you may belong, what happened today has changed the narratives of Okunland and its citizenry, and above all, history has been made.
Although, I was not perturbed about the outcome of the exercise because I believed strongly that Okun people will not be so bewitched by money bags and recall Sen. Dino. Gone are the days when backstabbing of this magnitude could happen ceremoniously. We are wiser and intellectually mobile now. Little wonder, the Okun people won effortlessly despite the wanton intimidation from money bags and sycophants. What an empty bravado and hopeful illusion from the petitioners and their sponsors.
Within the framework of the emerging and rebranded Okunland and Kogi West in general, the fruitless Dino’s Recall Exercise has brought a more responsive contemporary political realities in Kogi State and Nigeria.
The final stroke on their (petitioners and their sponsors) epitaph,  arguably, is the emerging recoiling of Senator Dino Melaye’s popularity and the willingness of Kogi West and Okunland in particular, to leadership of the State.
This is a victory for every Okun man and woman, a victory for unpaid workers of Kogi State as there’s end in sight to their starvation, and victory for unity.
God bless Nigeria
– Michael B. Aleyomi, PhD

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