Low Allocation: Fear of Percentage Salaries Grips Kogi Workers

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The low allocation that came to Kogi State from the Federal Government in April has triggered fear among civil servants in the State that they may not only receive percentage salary this month, but something lower than they got last month.

Workers in the state were paid 80%, 40% and 35% respectively as salaries for State, Teachers and Local Government workers in April. Pensioners also got about 80%

But with a 30% shortfall in the current allocation, workers are gripped by fears of furthef slash in their salaries.

Idris Asiwaju, Commissioner for Finance and Economic Development disclosed the shortfall in a statement.

The state net statutory allocation for the month of April is N1,736,231,350.68. The value added tax( VAT) and exchange gain for the month of April is N938,018,569.93 and N186,683,266.69 respectively.

Therefore ,the state gross statutory revenue income for the month of April is N2,860,933,186.62 compared to N4,078,691,569.91 for the month of March.

The 21 local government areas in Kogi state received a net statutory allocation of N1,517,706,851.32 The value added tax (VAT) and Exchange gains for the month of April is N642,963,989.13 and N140,146,959.74 respectively. Hence, the local Government areas gross statutory revenue is N2,300,817,800.19

Idris said from the summary, it is obvious that the allocation that acrued to the state is in gross deficit, therefore, the state finances cum responsibility to her citizens will be badly affected.

He however assured that but as a responsible and responsive government, services will still be rendered within the circumstances at hand.

The Accountant General of the Federation has already credited the state accounts at the end of the FAAC meeting which was virtually held.

A civil servant that preferred not to be named expressed fears that what he may get as salary may not be close to meeting his needs. “It is only Good that can help and feed us,” he said.

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