Like Yahaya Bello, Like Aidoko: The Epileptic Enigma is Generational

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This piece is dedicated to those who seems to be forgetting history so fast. We shall be comparing the two politicians since their inputs and interests correlate; Governor Yahaya Bello and Senator Atai Aidoko.

1- Both neither toiled for votes nor win the election that brought them to power.
2- While Yahaya Bello emerged governor of Kogi state via consensus arrangements, Aidoko became Kogi east senator through manipulated court proceedings.
3- Both are under constant criticism for various financial fraud and misappropriation. For instance, over 50 billion naira has so far been released to the state as bailout. But findings show some civil servants are been owed salaries up to 25 months.
4- Aidoko was at a time accused by his constituency of diverting allocations to the tune of 10 billion Naira.
5-  The current government under Yahaya Bello claimed to have awarded road contracts running into billions. But those contractors were not known let alone tarring a single kilometer of road.
6- Aidoko on his own claimed he has so far drilled over 15 boreholes and 20 transformers which are either malfunctioning before been commissioned or does not exist.
7- Most fictitiously, Aidoko claimed to be currently sponsoring a multi-million naira rural electrification projects from Onitsha Igo Junction to Igah Ikeje. Facts revealed such projects never existed.
8- Yahaya Bello practically bite the fingers that fed him. For instance, senator Dino Melaye.
9- Aidoko openly declared he was not voted into power by the people, and as such he is not accountable to anyone.
10- While Aidoko virtually abandoned his ancestral home and stripped them of indispensable amenities. Yahaya Bello turned his ancestral home into private estate.
11- While Yahaya Bello diverts money meant for civil servants salaries to God knows where. Aidoko withheld SDG items/equipments meant to alleviate poverty within the grassroot for his electioneering campaign.
You can add your own. But the contention is, leadership process is a collective indulgence. Everyone is struggling to make the society liveable. But in our dispensation, reverse is the case. We are beclouded with primitive ideology- patience and easily contented syndrome with which politicians have continuously hold the people to ransom.
When senator Aidoko championed operation save Kogi movement. Everyone thought we have seen the Messiah. We worked so hard to enthrone him to the lower Legislative chamber. In the process, Aidoko was even advised to decamp to another party which eventually brought about his victory in 2003. Eight years later, the peck was still in the eyes of the majority as some people still supported his Senatorial bid in 2011. Between 2011 to 2015, the incompetencies became obvious. But Aidoko has completed his wall of Berlin with which to remain in power for as long as Democracy thrives in Nigeria.
Going by his political road map, Aidoko might become the next senate president. A position he will foresee for another eight years. Now what this implies is, he would be ruling the people he is very much aware hated him with passion for another eight years. My source confided that he was quoted as saying he knows those that currently accepted him are few. On this note, every rational thinker would discern that the worst is yet to happen. Can a senator who selfishly boycotted his responsibilities for 15 years on account of not been voted in by the electorates possibly change overnight?
I reclined. Let his die-hard loyalist provide the answer.
Just like Aidoko, GYB is not leveraging on his achievement to return to power in 2019. Barring a last minute change, he has anointed his candidates for the senatorial post from the three Geo political zone with which to woo voters. Already, a helpless situation has been created among voters. Oh yes! Can a civil servant whose family have been sterved of hunger for 25 months possibly reject a ten thousand Naira offer just to thumbprint?
Please, no one should blame my innocent voters if they eventually sell their votes. Right now, they have been morally, socially and psychologically influenced. (Don’t get me wrong).
Kogi state has luckily produced the youngest governor in Nigeria but the narrative never changed. From bad to worst. The Genesis of Fulani terrorists killing people in the state, the suicide mission which has become plan B for civil servants, several loans acquired and diverted and the acquisition of choice properties across the country by the governor are tales time may not permit me to tell in this episode. But glory be to God, nemesis is on rampage. Bello’s atrocious acts have attracted national audience. I said it in one of my articles this year that his entente with PMB will not last. Finally, I am vindicated. In fact my governor has been nicknamed once again.
I heard he might probably be rejected in 2019. Though as a smart guy. He is at it again to impress federal government. Recently, he has increased payment of salaries to LG workers from 30 to 54 percent. I just hope the tactics won’t be diagnosing an already dead patient. Why? Because, the only eligible successor of an injury is scar. It’s primary functions everyone knows, is to keep an account of injury down the memory lane.
Let everyone begins to imagine the continuity of these guys and the possible political ideology of the next generation transforming into adulthood before their tenure elapses. Then and only then, we can project the future’s political fortune.
We would meet again.
– John Paul
Operation Win Back Kogi State

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