LG Polls: Bilikisu Enjoins Okene Women to Vote Enmasse for APC

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Hon. Bilkisu Aliyu, the All Progressive Congress (APC) vice chairmanship candidate in the forthcoming council polls has appealed to women of Okene local government to show appreciation to the ruling party by voting massively for its candidates.

Aliyu made the appeal in Okene on Thursday.

She commended Governor Yahaya Bello for the unprecedented women inclusion in governance, urging women to reciprocate by coming out in the numbers on December 12.

“I never knew a time will come where women will be considered worthy to be nominated as vice chairman in not just a local government but across the 21 local governments.

“The Governor and the ruling party, APC, has indeed shown that they value women inclusiveness and gender equality. on behalf of women of Okene local government, I sincerely appreciate this gesture. 

“I am assuring all that APC will prioritize the welfare of women of Okene local government if given the chance to spearhead the affairs of the local government,” she said. 

She commended the APC chairmanship candidate, Hon. Abdulrazaq Yusuf Muhammed for his resilience in ensuring continuous improvement and growth of the local government while he was serving as administrator. She said she has no doubt in his ability to do more for the people of Okene local government.

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