Reps Adopt Zacharias’ Motion for Construction of Ibaji-Anambra Road

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The House of Representatives has adopted a motion by the member representing Idah federal constituency of Kogi State, Hon David Idris Zacharias for the construction of road from Ibaji in Kogi state to Anambra state to boost social and economic activities between the two states.

The motion which was titled “Need to construct the road from Ibaji in Kogi state to Anambra State” was unanimously adopted by the house considering the importance of the road.

The road in question is the closet and cheapest link to connect to the South East from Kogi state due its proximity but have been impeded due to its dilapidation over the years, leaving residents of communities within Kogi and Anambra states economically stranded. 

Zacharias in the motion pointed out the challenges encountered by his constituents especially those who are closer to Anambra state and are facing difficulty in either taking their farm produce to markets in the East or those from the East to Kogi state.

The lawmaker said the socio-economic importance of the road cannot be over emphasized because of the multiplier effects it has on citizens of Kogi and Anambra state.

When constructed, he said “trade will receive a boost, inter-state and ethnic relationships will increase between boarder states and vigilance in terms of security and other social activities that are beneficial to both communities will be greatly improved.”

A makeshift bridge on the dilapidated Ibaji – Anambra Road

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