Letter: Need to Declare State Emergency on National Association of Okun Students

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Hon. M. D. Eseyin
Government House,
Dear sir,
An Open Letter to the Special Adviser to Kogi State Governor on Youth Empowerment, Sports and Students Affairs on the Need to Declare a State of Emergency on National Association of Okun Students (NAOS).
The unending fracas and kerfuffles currently being experienced by the mother body of all students associations in Okun land, which is the ultimate reason for this letter, will do me less into dwelling much on complementaries.
I’ll like to claim a deaf hear to your being aware of everything happening in NAOS.  So on that note, I’ll shine a little  light to it all.
It is obvious to students and even observers(non-students) that there are two fractions claiming mount on the seats of both the presidency and Senate Presidency respectively, thus, causing confusion and discombobulated situations both within Okun land and Kogi State in general.
The claptraps currently happening within NAOS has not only made the association loose her stand among contemporaries but has also made her loose the virtue ‘NOBILITY’, being ascribed to her before now.
Two conventions, outside the unanimously agreed venue held which to me is illegitimate, illicit and so unconstitutional. Such, shouldn’t be condoned or accepted under your watch sir.
I’ll like to applaud your doggedness ever since the unprecedented circumstances surrounding this event started but to me you’ve not done enough.
To keep looking while a razz such as this continues to linger will not only stain the association or Okun land but it will also clap back at both your office and your Honourable self as not being competent enough to manage student affairs
If truly both the aspirants and supposed stakeholders are not induced with vested interests, I so wonder why they won’t come together as one. After all, the main goal is to have a progressive union.
The time to make use of the legitimate Power ascribed to your Honourable Office  not minding whose ox is gored is NOW.
Proposed Way Forward (in 4s) 
The need to set up a delegated committee designated with the sole assignment of making detailed enquiries about how the association got to this stage is paramount.
The need to stamp a standstill to the activities of both supposed elected Presidents and Senate Presidents within the two fractions is important as well to avert the looming conflict.
The need to as a matter of urgency, relegate the powers of all stakeholders to advisory roles only.
The need to call for resolutions amongst all aggrieved party with the aim of fostering peace and unity since no man, would like to rule over a divided house.
The welfare of all Kogi State students is under your care sir.  Please do the needful.
N.B: This letter is not an outcry in favour of any NAOS aspirant nor politically sponsored but an outpour of intentions to God and your Honourable Office sir.
Thank You sir, even as I await your utmost consideration and swift action, keyed, to the issue at hand (Revival of NAOS).
God Bless Kogi State.
– Ojo Victor Folashade writes from Kogi State.

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