#KogiDecides: See Who’s Talking Party Supremacy! by Odunayo Joseph

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SIR: In the murky waters of politics in Nigeria, to give the dog a bad name in order to hang it is commonplace. This is what is playing out in Kogi state with the declaration of an election in which an outright winner emerged as inconclusive. It remains the 8th wonder of the world that the hard-won votes of a candidate in a free and transparently conducted election would be inherited by another candidate who never featured in any of his party’s campaigns for the election, including the one held in his hometown which saw the Vice President of the country in attendance.  What is happening today in Kogi is a confirmation of this 8th wonder of the world.

The genesis of the imbroglio is no longer news to Nigerians. The flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Abubakar Audu passed away during an election whose result was already made known to the whole world only for INEC to turn around to declare it inconclusive.

Rather than declare the co-winner on the APC ticket, James Abiodun Faleke as governor-elect, the electoral body opted for a supplementary election which at the end of the day not only resulted in wastage of both human resources, but the outcome of which, as already known to all and sundry, would not make any difference to the status quo in terms of the margin between the winning APC joint ticket and the runner up – the incumbent governor and candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Idris Wada.

Under normal circumstances, APC as the winning party should have been in the forefront in protecting Faleke’s mandate as the governor-elect. But this was not to be owing to some behind-the-scene scheming by some powerful elements in the party leaving Faleke the option of seeking court declaration of the election as conclusive and therefore a winner-producing one.

When it comes to party supremacy and loyalty, Hon James Faleke is not the kind of politician to be tutored on the subject; he cannot be faulted or found wanting in his quest.  His political clout has established him as a politician of note whose steadfastness, absolute loyalty and unalloyed support for party supremacy is beyond question.


Faleke that Nigerians know very well would never have veered to another political party for losing at the party’s primary.  He would never have worked against his party to the extent of losing in his own polling unit, ward and local government to a rival party in a crucial election such as governorship election.

Those who see Faleke’s option of going the court for redress as disregard to party supremacy are either too enmeshed in political partisanship, ethnicity bigotry or are ignorant of their fundamental rights under the constitution.  The fact remains that all those who are familiar with the behind-the-scene political maneuvering and intrigues stemming from outside interference in the state politics and which is still lingering in the state today are in the position to understand and have a better grasp of the true cause of the political imbroglio in the state.

– Odunayo Joseph,

Mopa, Kogi State.

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