Kogi West: Okun Youth Leaders Endorse Omoluabi for Senate

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The umbrella body of various youth groups in Okunland, Okun Youth Leaders Forum (OYLF), have endorsed the candidature of Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi (OBA) for the Kogi West senate seat.
The group said it arrived at the decision to endorse Omoluabi after thorough consideration of the capacity, antecedent, responsiveness and degree of responsibility of the various candidates presented for the 2019 general election.
The Okun forum, a member of the Kogi Youth Leaders Forum, described Omoluabi as youthful, agile, intellectually mobile, grassroots driven, accessible  and has sound knowledge of legislative practices.
In a letter signed by the forum’s board of trustees chairman, Alamoh Kehinde Samuel (AKS) and Secretary, Ajibola Adeolu, the forum said by this endorsement, the forum shall direct and mobilize her teeming members across the six (6) local government of Okunland to vote for Omoluabi for Senate in 2019.
“The forum note that Omoluabi has related very closely with the various communities of Kogi West, he has intervened in the challenges of the people at several instances, such as his ongoing court case against INEC for the restoration and recognition of the old Kabba/Bunu Constituency ll, Gbede Constituency, Yagba South East Constituency, Yagba West ll Constituency and Koton Karfi ll Constituency and several other very important interventions he has made.
“He is a leader of Kogi Youths and former Students leader that formed the national body of the National Association of Okun Students along others.
“The forum shall work with community leaders, religious leaders and women groups. The youths are ready to fill their spaces in the political arena and this aspiration is a way to start,” he said.
They contend that young people have been sidelined in leadership positions despite their huge population, energy and resourcefulness.

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