Kogi West 2015: Titi Balogun and Her Campaign of Calumny

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I read with utter disdain and repugnance, the unfortunate and malicious comment attributed to one faceless and disesteem Titi Balogun on Latest Kogi Report Website on 30th October 2014 where she disrespectfully and arrogantly described five Executive chairmen of okun extraction who purchased nomination form for Senator Smart Adeyemi with offensive languages.

The issue she raised in her disjointed and grammatically unstructured article titled “Smart Adeyemi and the Five leprous Fingers” shows her level of abysmal ignorance and lack of knowledge of the realities on ground typical of a payed article aimed at damaging the reputation of the chairmen for some red cents in return for the paymaster cheap political goals.

For the purpose of  correcting the falsehood this evil element is spreading about like Virus, I want to make it categorically clear that I was there when the five chairmen purchased the nomination form for Senator Smart Adeyemi. Contrary to claim by Titi Balogun that she read the endorsement of Sen. Smart  on AIT scroll bar, the PDP state chairman, Hon Hasan Salau was on channels TV. On 29th October 2014 where he made it unambiguous, the resolution of Kogi West PDP stakeholders  to stick with a performing Senator Smart Adeyemi. The question now is; is the state PDP chairman and other party leaders who appeared on Channels TV to consolidate the endorsement faceless? The answer explain the sheer hypocrisy Titi Balogun and her paymaster incarnate.

To further clarify another prevaricate of a Titi Balogun who lie in her throat, Mr Ade Omofaiye she mentioned in her wobble article is an Aspirant for House of Assembly in Ijumu Local Government Area who was on hand to purchase his nomination form just like other

Aspirants were on ground same day for same purpose.
We will not be deterred by malicious and campaign of calumny political weakling like Titi Balogun (though a likely pseudo name)

Who have nothing meaningful to contribute except tantrums from an inching palm. Like Nigeria defeated Ebola, we shall overcome all political Ebola of Kogi West come February 14th 2015 when Senator Smart Adeyemi will be massively voted to represent the good people of Kogi West Senatorial district for the 3rd term in Senate Lekan si.

– Adetayo Opeyemi Duke

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