Kogi: The Unfortunate Jewel

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It doesn’t always go down well discussing Kogi in such a horrible way, but it hurts even more when you see other states thriving at the least of their potentials.

Kogi State is blessed with numerous natural resources which when tapped on, a rise in our IGR, skills development of our manpower and job opportunities will all emerge. But just as we all know, the state having quack brains who pilot her affairs, has made her adopted recklessness and backwardness as her other nomenclature while her peers thrive in greatness and prosperity.

I bet if debates should be organized for all the gubernatorial candidates for the November election in Kogi to dissect issues on Kogi governance, the Guinness Book of Record will have her name recorded as the state with most educationally bankrupt politicians due some quack elements parading themselves as the “most ‘lichest’ candidate in Nigeria as far as candidate is concerned”.  He finds it difficult to pronounce Richest but thinks it’s easy to rule a state as dilapidated as Kogi.

It’s only in Kogi that chronic and wicked looters of public funds will rebrand themselves to some myopic youths for their intention to contest for that same seat which they occupy when they tortured them and the said youths will canvas votes for them.

But it’s still the same country we are with Kano in which the outgoing governor received the biggest political blow of his life from the youths by voting him out due to his moral deficiency as regards the video of him that went viral showcasing money laundering. Just imagine if our present predicament is theirs and theirs ours, would Yahya Bello had succeeded in his second term bid? And, would we have even given a damn if the money laundered in that video belongs to the ‘Papa’ of anyone of us?

But I hope and I pray that in the midst of all these abnormalities, the people’s choice, Alh. Murtala Yakub Ajaka, will emerge as the next presider of affairs in Kogi. Because, I believe, that, in his government, Kogi and Kogites will, respectively, rise and smile. 

Primary issues like salaries and pension, education and infrastructure will be forgotten because they will be attended to optimally and to the satisfaction of Kogites. Issues bordering on substantiated mass job creation and attraction of investors to Kogi will be the order of the day and point of concern.

This is an opportunity to gain freedom from the bondage of Kogi’s Pharaoh. Don’t let it passes you by!!! Just give your vote to Muri and all shall be well by Allah’s Grace.

– Yusuf Danjuma Yunus wrote from Zaria.

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