Kogi State University Students Decry Delay in Result Collation

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Students of Kogi State University have expressed their grievances toward the delay in the compilation and releasing of result as at when due in the institution.

While it is the dream of every student to see the dividend for hard work via a well-defined system that will further facilitate a sense of development in line with the sound academic life of the learners, the current system of education in Kogi State University have failed to bring such dream to fruition occasioned by a beehive of hitches experienced in the collation of terminal results among other excesses that has devalued the system since 2016.

The above issue has led students in  some departments such as Mass Communication, Economics, and all the departments in the Faculty of Education (aside Library and Information Science)  who graduated January last year to be ostracize from  the recent mobilization for the compulsory one year national youth service .

Some of the students who spoke with Campuslife expressed their displeasure in the malady that is impeding on the progress of the institution. The students urged the management to put a nip in the bud by doing the needful.

A Law graduate who identified himself as Premium Prime urged the management to do something fast about the issue.

“I pray they do something fast about this. Law program of five years turned out to be Six  years instead, courtesy of strikes and related issues and after graduation here were are, no Law school no NYSC till now…just tired of everything” he said.

Jeff Friday,  a 400 level  political science student the CEO of the student Facebook page also lend his voice on the issue, describing it as pathetic. “I am in 400 level but have seen just 100 level result, and is so pathetic. The management appeared nonplussed, leaving the students at their mercy.

“The worst part is that those guys coming to ask us to vote for them for SUG are going to represent their own personal interest without standing firm to address some of these key issues affecting the students,” he said.

In tandem with Friday submission, Omale Musa Usman, an alumnus of the school who spoke with Campuslife  faulted the lapses experienced in the system on the inability of the Student Union Government to address the issue as at when due.

According to him, “To have this whole issue resolved and settled, we need a credible SUG president who can stand for the students and fight for the interest of the students. “And if the school failed management fails to conduct the SUG election this time around then it will be left for all the departmental presidents to stand up and speak for the students they are representing.

Also, a yet  to be mobilized  Mass Communication graduate who who identified himself Bidemi Ibiyanmi, said Trying to explain to friends and family why you haven’t seen your results or haven’t been mobilized for the NYSC is tougher than awaiting the results itself.

Ibiyanmi clamored for more professional hands in the system so as to fast track the whole process. “I think it’s due to the school management inability to discharge her duty. More also, they lack adequate advancement in technology, because, some departments claim that the results were delayed because the system cracked down without a backup.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with one of the staff of the school who craves anonymity revealed that the school management is seriously working hard to see to the end of these lapses its system.

“The management has been seriously working to ensure that this whole issue is nip to the bud. We are experiencing little hitches in the system because of the method adopted in terms of collation of results which is a bit slow but efforts have been made to see that all things are put in place to ensure that the terminal results are released on time.”

Credit: The Nation

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