Kogi PDP Congress: David Itopa is The Candidate to Beat

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July 19th 2019 beckons. On that day; what will be, will be. It is almost time for the PDP Chapter in Kogi State to elect new set of excos. The hour draws near, to be or not to be.

This time around, much than a usual ritual of events, this time around is different. The PDP Chapter in Kogi State is on “life-support” right now. The current crop of excos have brought the PDP in Kogi State to it’s knees.

Matters made worse, the current Publicity Secretary of the PDP in Kogi State has aided and abetted the downfall and silence of PDP in Kogi State by being as silent as one can imagine the definition of a deafening silence.
On this note of pain, once again there is a need to beam the searchlight and seek for who to support as efforts are wished for, in a bid to restore image and give a voice to the PDP in Kogi State.

Who else does the cap of Publicity Secretary Office in Kogi State PDP fit more than the candidate known as Godwin David Itopa, popularly known as “History”?

Even the deaf can hear and the blind can see it not a doubt that Godwin David Itopa (History) is the candidate to beat in the forthcoming Kogi PDP Publicity Secretary Office election.

When Godwin David Itopa (History) becomes Publicity Secretary of Kogi PDP, everybody in Kogi State will know that PDP is back in Kogi State.
PDP needs an image-maker. That image-maker is no other but Godwin David Itopa (History).

Godwin David Itopa (History) has learnt alot at the feet of his boss, Mr Kola Ologbodiyan (the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP). Godwin David Itopa (History) has learnt from the Party Headquarters, what opposition is really about.

Thank goodness, Godwin David Itopa (History) has in the course of this week obtained his Nomination Forms, hence he is no longer just a rumoured-candidate in the race, he is “the candidate to beat” in the race!

The pleadings and bearings are, what Godwin David Itopa (History) has learnt in Abuja, he should be given a chance to come down to Kogi and put it to work. The assignment to give PDP a voice in Kogi State is a serious call that should not be viewed with a lense of levity but with a sense of duty and entity-destiny revival.

What is on life-support is near to non-existence. Kogi State is by the sorry-efforts of the Uhuotu-led excos on a life-support now; from being a once-booming,  full-of-life entity.

Anyway, we will forgive them (Uhuotu-led Kogi PDP excos) for being complete failures in Office as “to err is human, to forgive is divine”.

Back to the burden of this write-up, whose sole aim is not to condemn anybody in person but rather to, moving forward, underscore the weight and never-ever-to-be-abandoned duty of the Office of Publicity Secretary from 2019 onwards; that for the forgiveness of the PDP supporters in Kogi and beyond to be given the befitting honour due, as it stands now ahead of July 19th Congress; who is fit beyond the books; trusted based on antecedents and net-capacity, after being tested and not to be “managed” (back) in (to) Office; should be supported and not only supported but as well voted for on the day of Congress.

Who has failed in Office should not  make it a duty to be “begging” stakeholders to be returned back to Office, rather such should hide his or her face and let go of the destiny of the Party excoship in Kogi, let him who the cap fits, come to wear it!

You have failed, agree and kindly step aside or receive the honour of staying in Office till hand-over day (July 22nd) but don’t bother contesting on July 19th when the State Congress is called for. In other words, “to whom it may concern, do not bother trying to re-contest”.

Kogi PDP needs to get back its voice and wax stronger now than ever before, now that Kogi is in a pity-state of administrative manhandling and it is begging for welfare redemption and every Nigerian and every Kogite both home and abroad know that “when PDP is PDP”, Kogi State will not be the way it is now, an eyesore of a State and national embarrassment as a State daily losing it’s glory due to little or no presence of opposition.
The aforementioned are the facts to be considered as Kogi PDP goes into it’s next State Congress on July 19th to elect it’s new set of excos.

For the Publicity Office; time and time again, it is not at all an economy of truth but a complete utilisation of facts, that Godwin David Itopa (History) is the candidate to beat in the forthcoming Kogi PDP Congress.

The PDP in Kogi State should consider it’s winning odds in the forthcoming Kogi State election scheduled for November and understand that it needs a voice, not just a bit of a voice but a roaring voice that will roar the PDP to victory at the Governorship poll in November and beyond.

The PDP in Kogi State should not bow it’s head to any former Governor who is hell-bent on putting some individuals back in Office for the good of his own personal ambition. The PDP in Kogi State is too big to be decided worse such that even “known failures” be negotiated back into Office, even by one person alone.

The PDP in Kogi that has produced many big names and on whose platform many have won elections in time past, is too big for one person to pocket and direct as he personally intends for his own personal wishes. The Office of Publicity Secretary is for a vibrant individual, that vibrant individual right now for Office of Kogi PDP Publicity Secretary is none other but Godwin David Itopa (History).

If in Abuja, the PDP has waxed stronger on national front and part of the publicity team is the man called Godwin David Itopa (History); therefore the Kogi State chapter of PDP without mincing of words needs Godwin David Itopa (History) as it’s Publicity Secretary.

If PDP will win Kogi State in November, Godwin David Itopa (History) is the candidate to beat on July 19th 2019 when the PDP in Kogi State goes in for Congress to elect for itself a new Publicity Secretary.

In conclusion; come July 19th, a delegate-vote for Godwin David Itopa (History) for Kogi PDP Publicity Secretary Office is a vote for a voice in Kogi PDP that will “bring-back-Kogi-PDP” and roar PDP back into Kogi Government House by November.

– Issa Itopa Lucky, a PDP supporter, writes from Lokoja.

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