Kogi Gov’ship: Gov. Yahaya Bello is Honourable, Will Honour His Promises to Westerners

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I have read many reports on the deafening clamour for rotation of Kogi state governorship seat to the western axis of the state.

While some of the calls emanated from those I choose to refer to as ‘Diaspora Politicians’, we that are at home and know Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello better are relaxed.

Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello is a reliable and honourable leader that can be trusted to keep to his words. On several occasions in the last seven years, he has told people that after his 8 years reign, the governorship seat will move to the western senatorial district of the state.

He promised several leaders and monarchs from Kogi West senatorial district on different occasions that he is committed to a peaceful, united and prosperous Kogi state where every tribe have a sense of belonging. Be rest assured, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello is a promise keeper.

However, Governor Yahaya Bello is a democrat, not a dictator. To ensure level playing ground and sense of equity, he didn’t muzzle any aspirant out of the race, regardless of the senatorial districts they come from. In fact, he has encourage them to come out in their numbers to contest and this has really boosted the confidence of many who never thought they were qualified to be governor of the state.

He has demonstrated his love and support for the people around his government and today, we have his cabinet members, from Igala, Ebira and Okun tribes vying for the governorship without rancour. The comradeship among them has further deepened the Governor’s detribalized ideology.

Governor Yahaya Bello is, however, not dumb. He knows his onions and has not left anyone in doubt of capacity to take tough and daunting decisions. He will leave an enduring legacy of fostering unity in Kogi state like never before by supporting a seamless power rotation to Kogi West, albeit, through upright and fair democratic means.

Governor Yahaya Bello himself has felt the pulse in the polity and knows it is practically impossible to deny Kogi West the governorship slot given current political temperature in the state. He is a proven democrat and the people can be rest assured that an aspirant from Kogi West will emerge APC governorship candidate with his support and ultimately emerge Governor-elect after November 11 polls.

Kogi will not return to the past ways of playing politics has been schemed by ‘Diaspora Politicians’. Governor Yahaya Bello is committed to that.

– Abidemi Olalekan writes from Lokoja.

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