Kogi Gov’ship: Dino Melaye’s Choice of Habiba Deen a Masterstroke

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We waited patiently and sat at the fence waiting patiently but also doubting your ability to pick or recruit the best material to add to your well deserved ticket as the guber candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kogi state. For those of us who doubted your ability in this direction, your announcement of Hon. Habiba Mohammed Deen as your running mate, has proven us wrong and it was your answer to our doubt.

We want to congratulate you for this choice and particularly your victory at the primaries. That you emerged as the PDP candidate in an election that was adjudged by all as peaceful, free and fair was a testament that indeed the PDP is now ready after its past political hurricane metaphor to lead the state to development in all it’s physicality.

After beating almost a dozen of co-aspirants to emerge victorious at the primaries, many had predicted a hard choice for you in nominating a running mate as it was too many going to be your albatross. This was because many thought you would not be mindful of the presence of that banana peels posed by the balancing factor for the choice of a running mate. You proved many wrong because you were prepared not to be engrossed in the dark holes of indecision over the choice of a running mate and this was a reflection of your political maturity and your deploying of caution and delicate balancing of the ethnic and religious sensitivity of the state in arriving at the choice of your running mate,. Hon Habiba Deen. You have with this success avoided the doomsday in your guber quest entirely.

Your recruited deputy-governorship candidate possess one of the best credentials to add to your competence for the seat of the governor of Kogi state.

This is the only woman that has never decamped from the PDP to any other political party come rain or shine and she has been a former member of the State House of Assembly from the Ankpa state constituency. Added to it was her trouncing of popular PDP bigwigs in the past in becoming the candidate of the party for the house of Representatives seat for the Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro federal constituency.

Thank you for this worthy choice in your mission to advance and reclaim the fortunes of the state and the hopes of our people.

This is because Hajia Habiba’s career in politics and beyond shows that she is today regarded as the most eminently qualified not only to deliver that all important victory, but, also, step into the shoes of the deputy-governor the state needed at this time.

As a woman with the talent, maturity, strength of character, and patriotism, she has our people implicit confidence and faith. We are not aware that there is any focus on any particular raised details or complaints from any quarter to question her suitability for this important office because our people now understands the challenges confronting the state and the imperative of placing competence in governance above all other sentiments.

Thank you sir for this ticket the PDP is presenting as it, above all others, represents a milestone in our state’s history as it is on record that no woman has been able to break the jinx of becoming a deputy-governorship candidate of a frontline political party in Kogi state but you have made us proud by making this happen. This has catapulted the PDP as a leading light in gender issues among political parties in Kogi state.

The democratic process and the decorum that characterized your guber primaries victory and the election of your deputy-governorship candidate exemplifies why your candidature is now regarded as that of the people and of the betterment of our future.

Your deputy governorship choice we assure you has furthered and brightened the PDP chances at this year’s guber poll as the party to beat.

The PDP is the party that shows the way and have the potential to carry the state towards its best future.

We assure you that we will join you on this journey to a brighter future which you candidature with your deputy represents as we entered a moment of renewed future for our dear state by voting massively for you.

We now have the chance to move this state and our collective cause forward as never before. We seize this moment so that history will be kind of us because it is now time to focus with utmost devotion, and love of our state with you as governor.

We ask you and your deputy to embark on this election because it is a collective enterprise that would bring jobs, education, food, medicine, hope and belief in a better life to our people who needs them.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Isah Mohammed
Ankpa, Kogi state

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