Kogi East: Senator Aidoko’s Scorecard Has Vindicated Us – Group

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By Yusuf Abubakar.
The Atai Aidoko Ali (AAA) Continuity Group has described Senator Atai Aidoko as the most qualified Igala man to represent Kogi East senatorial district “at this crucial time.”
The protem chairman of AAA, Okpanachi Attah made this known when the group visited Aidoko in his residence at Ugbamaka Iga in Olamaboro local government.
Okpanachi stated that the abundant evidence of projects executed and legislative activities of the senator has vindicated the group which has been in the fore front clamouring for the re-election of the federal lawmaker.
“We will continue to promote the choice of our party, PDP in all elections in 2019 considering the peculiar nature and sad experience over time in Kogi state.
“From experience, lawmaking and leadership of the legislative arm are not ideal for first timers. Now that our area is privileged with a ranking advantage, we will key in by voting Senator Aidoko.
“Lawmakers have no executive powers, so much should not be expected from them aside constituency projects and attracting one or two projects. Within the brochure of our senator, he has done fairly well.
“Let us take cue from what has happened in Enugu with Ekwerenmadu, Benue with David Mark, Bauchi with Yakubu Dogara and Yobe with Ahmed Lawan, the current senate leader; what these lawmakers have attracted to their areas is beyond a governor’s achievements because of the ranking advantage. Why not Aidoko too for the benefit of Igala/Bassa race and Kogi state?
“We are on ground from house to house, units to units, roof to roof and neighbours to neighbours to embark on vigorous campaign to vote for Atai Aidoko Ali and other PDP candidates to detonate the negative publicity against his stint at the upper house,” he said.
Responding, Senator Aidoko expressed his satisfaction with the level of support from AAA continuity group.
He said the level and caliber of people that decided to line up behind his desire to continue to represent Kogi East is not borne out of his political, economic of social exposure but to advance to fruition the course of Igala project truncated in the last three years by the current leadership in the state.
Senator Aidoko said he was not averse to the current leadership in the state, but will not condone any moves that will place the Igala race at disadvantaged position in the scheme of things as been demonstrated by the current helmsmen in Kogi state, in collaboration with some of our brothers and sisters.
Senator Aidoko bemoaned the high level of decadence in governance in the last three years in Kogi where civil servants, pensioners and the business class are been denied their statutory rights with the Igala race from Kogi East as the main target with the highest casualties.
“In the history of Kogi state, it never got as bad as compared to the present dispensation where a Deputy Governor, House of Assembly members are been denied of their entitlements including basic salaries for months over sheer political bitterness.
“Apart from the dearth of infrastructural development, retrenchment and disengagement targeted at workers from Kogi East, most of the political appointees of the present government including commissioners have reverted to suffering and smiling, for lack of salaries for months with plans to clear the arrears and backlog not in sight.
“No meaningful achievement will be achieved with the glaring insincerity on the part of the current leadership in the state.  The current political development in Kogi East is just about Aidoko but for the recovery of the soul of Igala/Bassa land,” he said.
Senator Aidoko said a lot of disadvantages and plans to decapitate the Igala race awaits the area if the APC leadership is allowed to force its way to power particularly in all the elections in Kogi East.
“For a government that have signed pact with Fulani herdsmen and allocated 15000 hectares of land to them in Kogi East, to perpetrate their violent tendencies, to return to power through their stooges in any elections will place us at a huge disadvantage.
“Their plans was to implement and perfect all the issue relating to the land allocation to the herdsmen. We are aware that deed of allocations and certificate of occupancy had been issued by Kogi state government to the herdsmen to migrate their kith and kin through foreign emissaries, but have tarried the action until after elections because it will affect their chances. After elections and the emergence of all APC candidates, the governor will perfect all the agreements relating to the land allocations, then your fatherland, my father land from Omala, Olamaboro, Ankpa, Idah, Bassa, Dekina, Ofu, Iglalamela, Ibaji will be taken over by the herdsmen legally. So, the only option is to vote against all APC candidates or candidates of any other party to avoid compromise.
“As soon as we allowed victory for APC, Yahaya Bello will just retire to Abuja to impress on the Presidency that even the Igalas, who are of the majority, voted for APC candidates, an indication for him to sail smoothly back to Lugard House for the next four years to continue to unleash all sort of deadly decisions with Kogi East as his target.
“The implications of voting for all APC candidates at all levels of the elections or any other party is to guarantee more suicide and suicidal attempts, deaths, sicknesses, retrenchment, sack, unemployment, non-payment of salary, discrimination, intimidation, advanced thuggery, lies, embezzlement, high level corruption and inequality prevalent in the current leadership in Kogi state and Nigeria at large.
Senator Aidoko urged the group to commence sensitization of the people through reorientation, political education from the units to local governments.
“We are not unaware of their evil plans because of their unpopularity to deploy violence, instigate security agents, hire thugs to intimidate voters, snatch ballot boxes, vote buying and financial inducements to discourage our people. We must also develop the thick skin to confront them to liberate our people from the shackles of bad leadership.”
Senator Aidoko assured them of his support as long as the primary aim is to propagate the need to vote PDP and the interest of the Igala race.
He told the members not to see the next contest as a race between Aidoko, Echocho, Victor, Amade and Abdulrahman, but as a strong fight for the soul of Igala land from our supposed brothers charged with the leadership of the state under Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration using all these people as a cover to rail road his way to power again.
Senator Aidoko thanked the support group and enjoined them to fuse with others with similar aims to ensure the return of all PDP candidates including Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the party’s presidential candidate.

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