Kogi East Senate: Do Not Despair – Adoji

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The last ten days (+) have been an excursion through the playbook of PDP’s chicanery. It is not essential for me to bore you with a bit-by-bit rendition of all that transpired.
However, I must reaffirm that no Political Party has the power or gumption to make me transition a confidante to an enemy or a sibling to an adversary: If we were friends or siblings before my political adventure, those statuses cannot change just for me to earn some political mileage.
I was emphatic in saying that if the PDP has its say by insisting on the “road less traveled”, I (we) would have our way by leveraging the huge gamut of platforms available to us.
My resolution to run for Senate, is not, was not and cannot be about me. It’s about championing a ‘movement’ that is intended to berth a new narrative for us and our next generations and this will never change.
I should report that virtually all our political gladiators including Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, Captain Idris Wada (former Governors of Kogi State), Dr. Alex Kadiri, Dr. Nicholas Ugbane (non-serving Senators), Dr. Amodu Ali (Former PDP Chair and BoT member), Chief John Odawn, Alhaji Sule Iyaji, All but one of my co-aspirants (AM Isaac Alfa, Barr Halima Alfa, Adama Idris and Engr. John Ocheje) and a host of others have resolved on a course of action that would put the Igala Nation first and above any Party platform. This will be communicated within the next 48hrs.
I shed a tear this afternoon not on account of the charade at the time but the very huge crowd of people who cried, wailed, agonized and literarily suffered on account of their expectations of what is in form a wobbly system.
No one should be mistaken about this, I’m not about to let the hyenas have a field day in anyway.
Permit to say “it is not over until it’s over” and we owe one duty to our traducers who desire to see us weary, angry and sad. Our duty is twofold: upend to their disfavor and make them wait endlessly.
Finally, I thank you so much for your steadfastness, love and genuine commitment but, I will be pleased if none of you despair, fail or faint in your believe in this course/movement.
– Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji

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