Kogi East: Echocho’s New Year Message

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I, Alh. Dr. Jibrin Isah Echocho wishes to congratulate and welcome Igala-Bassa people and indeed all Nigerians to the new year – 2019.

While I acknowledge the fact that 2018 wasn’t the best of years, whatever challenges you may have faced in 2018, may or may not be lesser than that of 2019, it is advisable that we all brace up & square to whatever life throws at us. 2019 beckons on us with high hopes and aspirations, we must be prepared to meet the new year and make the year meet up with our expectations.

As an election year, 2019 provides us yet another opportunity to elect our leaders and representatives at various level. I wish to use this medium to appeal to everybody to keep this year peaceful and ensure that our democratic rights are used in a way that good people are elected into various offices. As always, I’m committed to building a Kogi East of our dreams where our voice shall be heard, where we shall be a people or nation to reckon with in the comity of nation.

It is my sincere prayer that the peace we are enjoying continue to permeate through this year and years ahead.

Welcome to 2019.

Happy New Year. 

– Sufyan Adam
For: Echocho Media

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