Kogi Central and The Drive for a Senator That Represents Radical Departure from The Status Quo

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It is an act of deliberate attempt to subvert the will of the people by the opinion leaders and those who have the wherewithal to decide the societal stake to opt for decoy to be the message carrier amidst ravens.
The present political ambience is such that those in charge of the state arsenal, and treasury tend to impose their stooges they can swing back and forth. This invariably led them into shopping for people that will dance to their tones, people whose hands are soiled with nauseating acts and lacks everything a revolutionary leader the masses earnestly need.
But you see the debilitating part, because of crumbs, people whose future have been constantly raped become cheerleaders of their oppressors and rally round them and their cronies who are on a mission to spread their tentacles and have total control of the territorial integrity.
Many will be ready to do unthinkable things for morsel to make sure their oppressors have their way, but of course the next line of action is how to execute those that made themselves pawn in the political chess once they become threat to their inordinate ambition.
Above all these nauseating transactions in the society, there are still few individuals who represent a radical departure from the status quo and carry the plight of the people like a personal problem.
The few exceptional individuals go to any length to fight for the total emancipation of the people from the grip of the greedy few, but as you know, they will be labelled with derogatory terms, and blackmailed. The same victimised people they are fighting for will be sponsored to mar the lepatata they are using to shout for their voices to be heard.
The jigsaw puzzle is solved.
As it stands today in Ebiraland, without undermining other aspirants gunning for Kogi Central senate who are endowed with different potentials, adjudging from the antecedence, pedigree, resilient, the drive for economics and political emancipation of the masses, academic qualifications and the valour to fight for the masses then you will eschew sentiments and agree with me that Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti will fill the vacuum created by the age-long misrepresentation and change the narrative of the people of Kogi Central Senatorial District.
The people of Kogi Central cannot just let business go as usual, the people must be ready to go against every odds that may make this not to be realised.
After embarking on a risky mission to set the society to attain the true meaning of its creed, the genuity of her delving into politics to be part of those stirring the ship shouldn’t be questioned, her ability to represent the interest of the masses and fight their fights shouldn’t be a problem when she has fearlessly taken the struggle to hallowed chamber and spoke courageously to public glare without fear or favour.
Like United States Agency for International Development (USAID) lauded her zest to be a game changer, Natasha is in to show how women can change the narrative, she is in to make a difference, she is in to show ideal representation, she is in to stand for the masses, she is in to fight for the genuine resuscitation and utilisation of the common patrimony.
– Isah Bala

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