Kogi APC Frontier Congratulates Governor Usman Ododo on Tribunal Victory

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Matshona Dhliwayo in his classics – was quoted saying “Critics are loud, but success is louder” – this is moral lesson of today’s judgement of the Election Tribunal on 2023 Kogi Gubernatorial Elections.

In every contest, there must be winners and Losers, oftentimes there are no losers extirely as they must have learned one thing or the other. The elections are gone, and we should all work hand-in-hand to move Kogi State forward.

We congratulate the Executive Governor of Kogi State, H.E. Usman Ododo for this well deserved victory at the Tribunal and by extension the good people of Kogi State. It’s not a surprise as the mandate delivered to the APC was a popular one, and the Guber election – one of the more peaceful and fairest elections in history of our dear State conducted under the leadership of Ex- Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello.

We implore Governor Ododo to continue his good works – as been seen in his first 100 days in office. Kogites are yearning for more work and this you are already on the good start

Continue to provide purposeful leadership

It’s victory to Kogites, and victory to Democracy.

Johnson Musa

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