Redeploy All Security Men, Embrace Civilian JTF to Check Insecurity in Kogi – Ebira Group

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The  Ebira Peoples Association (EPA) has called on government to change its strategy in the on-going battle against mindless killings, kidnappings, robberies and other violent crimes in Kogi state.

Addressing the press on Tuesday, President-General of  EPA) Dr. Musa Abdulrahman Adeiza outlined some of the urgent measures that are required to check insecurity in the state especially in Kogi Central Senatorial District.

He said “All police, soldiers and state security officers as well as para military Agent’s currently serving in Kogi Central should be redeployed immediately and be replaced with new ones. As a matter of fact, no security agent should spend more than six months in the area to avoid being thoroughly compromised as it is the case now.

He also suggested that “Governments should as a matter of urgency explore and support the possibility of integrating “Civilian JTF ” into the security system of the land to complement conventional security agencies.”

Outlining other measures, he said, “Both Federal & State Governments should make concerted efforts to reinforce and review  security measures in terms of material, personnel and modus operandi in order to safeguard life and properties in Kogi Central.

“Security should be intelligence driven by interfacing with community leaders, Ward Heads, local vigilante groups, Hunters, farmers and other informants.

“There should be a coordinated operation to be professionally code named to smoke out criminal elements from their hideouts in homes, bushes, caves, hills, etc.

“Security surveillance should be on 24- hour duty across the land, instead of the present situation whereby most hotspots are left unmanned most hours of the day.

“Operational strategy to security matters should be proactive in approach rather than reactive methods to unravel already perpetrated damages.

He spoke on the  alarming rate of insecurity and criminality in Kogi State, especially in Kogi Central Senatorial Zone.

“Members of the Ebira Peoples Association (EPA), the umbrella body of all Ebira people at home and in the Diaspora, are seriously concerned about the rampant cases of mindless killings, kidnappings, robberies and other violent crimes that have come to define every day life in our state.

“Despite the efforts of governments at all levels, criminals seem to operate freely and unhindered by the presence of a combined force of police, soldiers and para military agents. In the last one year, no week passes without incidents of kidnapping, abduction and murder in the state.

“The situation is so bad that nearly every one in Kogi Central in particular now lives in fear. Sons and daughters of Kogi Central who live outside the state are now scared of coming home.  For many other Nigerians, traveling through the state has become a fearful experience as security is not always guaranteed.

“The situation has also taken a heavy toll on businesses in an area generally regarded as the economic nerve-centre of the state.

“Most abductions in Nigeria are done for ransom and the victims are usually freed upon payment of ransom. The situation in Kogi State has gotten so bad that even where the kidnappers have been paid or offered ransom, the victims are either killed or kept in the custody of their abductors with no further communication with  relatives thus foreclosing chances of them reuniting with their families.

“EPA has followed with keen interest efforts made by the Kogi State Government and the Local Government Authorities of Okene, Okehi, Adavi and Ajaokuta in combating the menace of kidnapping. But in the light of the worsening situation, there is an urgent need for a change of strategy.

“While commending the security agencies and assuring them that EPA will continue to avail them of useful information that will assist them in wiping out criminal elements in our midst, we cannot also fail to observe that these security agents appear overwhelmed at present. In some cases, our people have offered credible evidence of security officers conniving with criminals to terrorize our people.

“The majority of our people are peace-loving and law-abiding. We have resolved, therefore, not to fold our hands and allow a small band of evil people to turn our homeland into a fiefdom of criminals. We urge our people to be vigilant and to report suspicious persons within the community to the appropriate authorities.

“We must also remain our brothers’ keepers by sustaining the goodwill, love for one another and good neighbourliness which we are well known for.

The group commended youths of Kogi Central particularly, members of the Ebira Youth Congress for the peaceful protest that was held recently to draw the attention of the federal and state governments and security agencies to the escalating insecurity in our land.

The president General of EPA said urged   the  people “to remain steadfast and be ready to defend their communities at all times no matter the level of intimidation.

He said “Members of EPA have agreed to continue to interface with the government at all levels and to support the security agencies with all resources at their disposal in addressing the security challenges in the area.

“In the coming days, we shall deepen our partnership with the mass media, especially the local media organisations to raise the level of awareness and security consciousness among our people while also supporting other communal efforts to arrest this unfortunate incidents of kidnapping in our land.

Credit: News Diary

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