Kogi @ 27: United Labour Congress Blames Under Development on Bad Leadership

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I congratulate the Good people of Kogi state on the occasion of the 27th Anniversary the creation of the state. In as much as I facilitate with fellow Kogites, I can’t hide my tears and can’t stop weeping for my dear state, over the ‘sorry’ state of the human and infrastructural position of the state since its creation 27 years ago.

Kogi state is a land blessed with abundant Human and material Resources. Kabba province, now Kogi state, was the INTELLECTUAL HUB of the old northern Nigeria. Kogi is the blessed with the largest solid mineral deposits, accounting for 35 of the 39 found in Nigeria. It is also blessed with abundant deposit of Hydrocarbons (crude oil).

Kogi state is the confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue, making it the Natural Headquarters of Nigeria and the centre of the marriage of the two greatest Rivers in Nigerians.

The confluence state, as it is called, is the most central state in Nigeria, bordering ten states, including the FCT and connecting virtually all the states of the south to the northern part of the country by road. Kogi is housing the largest industrial plant in Africa.

With all the gifts bestowed on us by nature, Kogi is still wallowing in her sorry state. I weep very profusely.

The predicaments bedeviling the innocent state is a creation of BAD and IRRESPONSIBLE leadership, coupled with FAILED GOVERNANCE at every level in the state since its creation till date.

We don’t have any reason to be categorized amongst the most under developed state in Nigeria, neither do we have reasons for owing the workers salaries and by extension denying the retirees their entitlement, considering the ENORMOUS TREASURE we sit on.

I urge the present Government in the state to rise up to the occasion in fixing the state through harnessing its potentials.

While congratulating the Government and the good people of the state, I urge you not to loose faith and hope, as I foresee a prosperous Kogi state ahead. Let this be known to all that a better and prosperous Kogi can only be possible when we get the LEADERSHIP right.

God bless Kogi state and her people.

– Comrade Opaluwa Eleojo Simeon

Chairman of United Labour Congress(ULC),

Kogi state council.

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