Jibrin Isah Echocho: At The Nick of Time by Charles Umoru

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The Kogi East Senatorial District could not have possibly prayed for a better candidate to represent them at the National Assembly than the highly competent, committed and progressive minded All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Alhaji Jibrin Isah (Ẹchọchọ).
Political dispensation after political dispensation, the good people of Kogi East Senatorial District have suffered the dearth of quality representation at the federal level and have being in the struggle of electing a candidate who has the capacity and and passion to deliver to them the best possible representation in the Red Chambers of the National Assembly. The emergence of Ẹchọchọ in the race is the nick of time, it could not have come at a better time.
Over the years, they have been, at best, minimal federal government attention to the debilitating economic and infrastructural deficit of the zone as is the duty of the members representing the zone to purvey. They have not been infrastructural and human development commensurate to the resources the federal government has committed to zone so far through our representatives in the past. We need more federal government attention and we need legislations that will consolidate Nigeria’s (and by extension, Kogi State’s) democracy and developmental strides.
Youths and citizens of Kogi East Senatorial District need to feel the positive impact of competent and people-oriented representation at the Red Chamber and who best, at this critical time, to provide the elusive leadership than Alhaji Jibrin Isah (Ẹchọchọ)?
Alhaji Jibrin Isah is an epitome of hard work and resilience. From humble beginnings, his doggedness and hunger for success saw him plough through his academic years and with sheer focus and brilliance, was able to acquire several certificates and awards locally and internationally.
He has vast experience in the financial sector where his stellar performance brought him to prominence and facilitated his fray into politics.
In his private capacity, he has gone to great lengths to provide jobs for the indigenes of Kogi East Senatorial District. His passion to better the lives of his people has seen him make huge sacrifices to support and provide for them. The flames for effective leadership burns bright in his heart and it is up to us to tap from this energy for the benefit of our senatorial zone, state and country.
It is an auspicious development that we have a man of his competence, experience ad passion for progressive leadership at such a time when we are in dire need of quality representation at the Red Chambers of the National Assembly. We cannot afford to get it wrong again this time; we cannot afford to make the mistake of sending the wrong person there and mortgage our present and the future of our children.
For the love and progress of Kogi East, we must vote and urge all our household and friends to vote for Ẹchọchọ for the 2019 Senatorial election.
In 2019, there is no compromise, we are voting APC and Alhaji Jibrin Isah (Ẹchọchọ) as Senator Representing Kogi East Senatorial District.
– Honorable Charles Ile Umoru,
Special Adviser to Kogi State Governor on Solid Minerals.

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