IYD: Group Calls on Youth to Shun Sentiments Ahead of 2023 Polls 

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By Abubakar Yunusa, Abuja.

As the world commemorates International Youth Day (IYD), a non-governmental organisation, Khalifa Abdulrahman Okene (KAONISM) has called on youths to shun sentiments and focus on facts as the 2023 election campaign begins soon.

According to the statement signed by its Kogi State Coordinator, Hon Ahmed Hassan Egwuda, the group noted that in the history of Nigeria, the Millennials are the most marginalized generation, hence the 2023 presidential election has become monumental and consequential to every Nigerian youth. 

Ahmed said the theme for this year’s commemoration ‘Intergenerational Solidarity’, is significant to the organisation as it aligns with its vision and mission of promoting youth inclusion in political activities and governance for a better Nigeria.

“As the election campaign commences soon, we call on all Nigerian youths to avoid sentiments, and embrace only facts and realities. We call on Youths to create only positive issues and inject such into the public domain. 

“In the history of our dear country, the Millennials are the most marginalized generation. This is why the 2023 presidential election is monumental and consequential to every Nigerian youth. 

“On the day of election, we call on all Nigerian youths to go into the battlefield with only their Permanent Voters Card (PVC). We stand against violence and other vices.

“Solidarity across generations is key for development of every nation, therefore we must all collaborate to foster successful and equitable intergenerational relations and partnerships to ensure no one is left behind.

“Youths should be encouraged to participate in political and democratic processes, for easy inclusion in decision-making mechanisms globally,” the statement partly read.

According to Ahmed, “KAONISM is a combination of the acronym KAO of Khalifa Abdulrahman Okene plus the suffix ‘NISM’ to depict the ideals of his personality as one who sees the process of politicking as means of defending the value of humanity in all spheres of life.”

International Youth Day is observed annually on the 12th of August; a day meant for governments and others to draw attention to youth issues worldwide.

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