It’s Time To Put The People First – Engr Okino

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I am worried, really worried, democracy is failing , capitalism seems devilish. We need actions, the time is now
The combination of human rights with trade agreements to monitor and control developing nation to align with best global practices, reduce poverty, child labour, good governance etc has failed because the west does not implement the contingent punishment when defaulted only when they are politically interested and gainfully benefits.
The targets of this policies are more economics than politics, the west has to do more, the United nation need to rise up before is too late, make policies that separate the masses from the heads (target the heads).
More also The west monitoring financial movements policies should not be limited to terrorism that affects the west but be extended to focus on the underdevelopment of developing countries with these financial movements. Stop been the landlords of ill -funds.
You can’t keep giving us back our monies as aides and sometimes gives conditions precedent that suits their needs.
Africa wake up. Nigerians stand up for your right. Let’s formulate policies that expropriate banks that involve in illicit transfers or make such practices a treasonable offense.
Today, the growth of Kogi State especially the central (my people) is stifled by the federal exclusive list legislation , in-depth corruption and selective mismanagement and ineffective leadership, we need to fight for restructuring and resource control, or atleast expunge the 1999 constitution of obsolete policies, we need to make sure the senate is policy focus and conduct strict oversight function.
We need leaders that can ask why, how and when and deliver effective solutions for common good.
I pledge my unalloyed commitment and seasoned professional leadership skills to guide and effectively motivate the people to the promise land.
If you support my view please walk with me to put my people first.
– Engr Malik Abdullahi Okino 
Senate aspirant Kogi central

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