2019: The Battle For Kogi East Senatorial District

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As the election year is getting closer various supporters have started clamouring for aspirants of their choice for the Red Chamber of National Assembly to represent the Igala/Bassa Nation.


Amongst the list of aspirants at our disposal four are going to be assess based of their school qualification,  working experience and their contribution for humanities but at the end the choice of God Almighty must surely come to pass. Let nobody play the role of God Almighty in someone’s life, we must put an end to the issue of the people that are more or less qualified, we must stop casting aspersion on people no matter the party affiliations and their shortcomings, we are all human and imperfections is always part of us.

Senator Atai Aidoko

“Development of Igalaland is my priority” Sen Atai Ali Aidoko

Senator Aidoko had his Primary and Secondary School education at Kaduna he further enrolled at the famous Kaduna Polytechnic, where he obtained the National Diploma Certificate in Urban and Regional Planning, went to University of Abuja to obtained B.Sc Political Science.

As an ambitious, young man at the time, he had a working stint with GAMJl Company before incorporating his own business concern: Vis; AFRlCONCEPT, Aluminum Company Limited and lDEAL-MULT! VENTURE lNTERNATlONAL where he remains the Chief Executive Officer till date.

Before venturing into politics, Senator Aidoko has participated in different philanthropic movement, as member of various humanitarian groups and associations. He has a knack for selfless service and the struggle for the emancipation of the oppressed in general and the youths/less privileged in particular. All this informed his invitation to come and help salvage the Oppression and deprivation of the youths and less privileged through able representation of the Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro Federal Constituency at the National Assembly Abuja, in 2003 election which he won.

He has really proved his mettle at the National Assembly. This humble fact can be attested to, with the receipt of numerous National and International Awards. Furthermore, in recognition of his excellent, people-oriented and positive performance, he has received various chieftaincy titles within and outside the lgala Kingdom.

His spirited contributions to human Capacity building in his Senatorial Constituency include; Provision of Cars, Motorbikes and Private Scholarship to individuals and provision of healthcare facilities to the common masses

Other achievements of Hon. Chief Atai Aidoko All are facilitation of the following projects in his constituency, these are:

Rural Electrification project from llceje to Ugbamaka lgah in Olamaboro, L.G.A;

Rural Electrification project from Ankpa to Amoke to Abache in Ankpa, L.G.A.

Motorized borehole at Ugbamaka lgah, lgah Ocheba and COE Ankpa;

Police barracks at Okpo in Olamaboro LGA. Personally build public toilets in all the General Hospitals in Ankpa Federal Constituency

He donated his salary to the party in his constituency  during his House of Representative days.  He gave out several cars to party leaders and executive; gave motorcycles to party supporters, provided fertilizers to farmers; Rehabilitation of Roads in Ankpa,  Okpo and many others. Paid scholarship to the entire Kogi East Student of mm“ University, Ayingba. Distinguished Senator representing Kogi East Senator District. 2011 -Date.

Traditional Title: Ochai Attah lgala

Constituency  Projects 2011-2016

‎(1) ANKPA

  1. Construction of solar-powered borehole,Ojede-Ankpa
  2. Construction of three(3)classroom Blocks,Inye
  3. Establishment of skill acquisition centre,Ankpa

‎4. Installation of 500 KVA transformers each at inye,enjema,ojede, Ankpa

  1. Construction of three(3)unit of Hand pump borehole each at afor and okaba


  1. Construction of three(3) classroom blocks at oguma
  2. Installation of 500KVA transformer each at oguma,sheria

‎3.   Two(2)units of Hand-pump Borehole each at oguma,piroko/Gboloko and sheria


  1. Construction of solar-powered borehole at Agwudoko,Anyigba
  2. Construction of three(3)classroom Block each at Islamiya primary school,dekina‎ and Anyigba

‎3.   Installation of KVA transformer at obeya- lile‎,Anyigba

  1. Installation of KVA transformer at Ojuwo Anyigba
  2. Construction of drainage at Dekina hotel road Okikili Dekina town.
  3. Construction of skill acquisition center in Dekina town.
  4. Provision of 500KVA transformer at Tudu Wada Dekina.
  5. Construction of skill acquisition center at Anyigba.


  1. Establishment of skill acquisition centre,Holy Rosary college Idah
  2. Construction of community townhall, Atta palace
  3. Construction of Hand pump Borehole,pilot primary school idah

‎4.   Construction of three(3) classroom Block each ‎,Arabic school Idah and Egah

  1. Installation of five(5)units of KVA transformer at idah
  2. Twenty seven(27) units of streetlight along general hospital, stadium road,Idah
  3. Fifty two (52) units‎ of solar streetlight,Bishop road and around the palace
  4. Eight(8)units of Hand pump Boreholes in Idah and it’s environs


  1. Construction and equipping of computer laboratory at Government day secondary school Unale
  2. Construction of primary Health care centre, Unale
  3. Construction of motorized borehole, Unale

‎4.   Construction of eighteen(18) kilometre road from odugbo-Unale(ongoing)

  1. Construction of three(3)classroom block each at Ejule ojebe,odugbo,Unale
  2. Installation of 22 solar streetlight and 20 solar street light at Ejule ojebe and odugbo-Unale


  1. Construction of three(3)classroom Block at Ofe-Orachi primary school
  2. Two(2)units of hand pump borehole,at Alade
  3. Three(3)units of hand pump borehole at okpachala
  4. Construction of solar powered Borehole,Egume
  5. Installation of 500KVA transformer each at Iyogbo,Ajaka,and Ibochi


  1. Installation of 500KVA transformer each at ogodu,ibado,Abejukolo
  2. Two(2)units of three(3)classroom block at Abejukolo
  3. Construction of solar powered borehole at Abejukolo

‎ 4.   Rural electrification from Abejukolo-Bagana

  1. Construction of motorized Borehole at agojeju-odo


  1. Construction of three (3)classroom block each at saint Martins primary school ejule,UEC primary school ugwolawo,UEC primary school ofakaga,Eyele primary school,Ogbonicha

‎2.    Construction of solar powered borehole at Ejule town

‎3.     Installation of 500 KVA transformer each at odo-eto,Ejule,Aloma road Ejule,and ofakaga 11

‎4.     Drilling of two(2)units of hand pump borehole at itobe


  1. Construction of Rural electrification from igah to Onicha igo junction
  2. Rural electrification from ikeje-Ugbamaka
  3. Construction of one(1)‎unit of three(3)block in ugbamaka
  4. Installation of 500 KVA transformer each at okpo,ugbamaka
  5. Construction of motorized borehole at igah ocheba

‎6.     Construction and equiping of modern primary Healthcare centre in igah ikeje

‎7.      Construction and equiping of modern primary health care centre at igah ocheba

  1. Twenty seven ‎(27)‎units of street lights in iga-ugbamaka

‎9.      Establishment of skill acquisition centre each at okpo community secondary school and igah-ikeje social centre

Senator Aidoko recently sent relief materials to victims of herdmen attack in his constituency and supported the ICDA and other numerous association financially.

He has been called upon by some people from his constituency for continuity come 2019 to bring much needed development.

Air Marshall Isaac Mohammed Alfa

“Declare Kogi as an oil producing State”  Sen Isaac Mohammed Alfa

Air Marshall Isaac Mohammed Alfa started his education from Qua lboe Mission Primary School, lnye, 1956-1959, Qua Iboe Mission Primary School, Ankpa, 1960-1961; Ochaja Secondary School, Ochaja 1962-1966. Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna, 1967-1969; Nigerian Defence Academy. Kaduna, 1969-1970; Advanced Diploma (OPS Research), University of Lagos. 1996; B.Sc, Business Administration, University of Lagos, 1997; MSG Defence Studies, Allahabad University, lndia, 1991; Cranfield institute of Technology. United Kingdom, 1978; Basic and Advanced Flying Training, United States Air Force, 1971-1973; Junior Command and Staff Course, HlENLOW, UK (1974); Senior Command and Staff Course, Montgomery Alabama, USA, 1981-1982; Mig. 21 Fighter Aircraft Conversion, USSR, 1974-1975; Jaguar Fighter Aircraft Conversion ,UK, 1983-1984; Naval Postgraduates College, Monterey California, USA, 1987; National Defence College, India, 1991.

Experience: He was commissioned into the Nigerian Airforce in 1970, A highly successful Military Officer, Air Marshal Alfa was officer Commanding 75-fighter Squadron 1975; in 1978, he became Commanding Officer, Air Defence Wing, Enugu; He later became Commander, Strike Group, Makurdi in 1984; He was promoted Commander NAF Station, Makurdi; and later became the Commander NAF Station, Kainji, 1989-90; He was later posted back to Makurdi as Senior Air Staff officer, Tactical Air Command, the position he retained even during his one year senior course in India in 1991; He was appointed Director of Operation Nigerian Air force, 1993-97; Appointed Air office Commanding, Training Command, Kaduna, 1997, during which he was also a member of the Armed Forces Ruling Council, the highest decision making body in Nigeria under the Gen. Abacha Military regime. He held the position until 1999 when He was appointed, Chief of Air Staff by the Democratic Government of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. He was considered one of the best appointments of the Obasanjo‘s Administration as Air Marshal. His achievement as Chief of Air Staff within such a short time of two years will according to the Officers and men of the Nigerian Airforce ever remain difficult to be equaled.

A Fighter Pilot of International repute, flew numerous Aircraft types among which were the Piaggio 149D Trainer Aircraft; Mig 15 Jet Trainer Aircraft; Mig-17 Fighter Aircraft; Dolphin L-299 Jet Trainer Aircraft; Alpha Jet Fighter Trainer; American T-37 Basic Trainer and T38 Advanced Jet Trainer Aircraft; American T-33/AT 33 Fighter Aircraft, Jaguar Fighter and Grand Attack Aircraft; He evaluated the French Mirage 2000 Fighter Aircralt for Nigerian Airforce, He also had a three hour hand on demonstration flight on the much revered Royal Air Force Harrier Jump Jet, He contested for the gubernatorial ticket of the PDP in Kogi State, 2002 and 2007; He also held various party position which are Trustee, Obasanlo/Atiku 2003, Kogi State Chapter; Elder, PDP Kogi State and Chairman, Enjema PDP Elder‘s Forum, He was the only Africa Inducted into the America Air University International Honour Roll, 2005. He was declared winner after of Kogi East Senatorial District 2016 but unfortunately his victory was upturn in a higher competent court of jurisdiction, during his time he led debate for inclusion of Kogi as oil producing state.

He was given the following awards: Best all Round Cadet with Gold Medal in 1970; Fellow, National Defence College (ndc), 1991; Member, Nigerian Institute of Operation Research (MNIOR, 1996; Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (CFR), 2001; Distinguished Services Star (DSS), 1997; Meritorious Services Star (MSS), 1996.

Traditional Title: Omachi Attah of lgalaland.

Extra Curricular: Computing and Browsing the internet, Astronomy, Research.

His supporters are clamouring for him to represent Kogi East Senatorial District come 2019 on the basis of his vast experience and influence to ameliorate our problems.

Alhaji (Dr.) Jibrin Isah Echocho

“Power belong to God Almighty,  He giveth to whom ever He wishes” AJIE

Alhaji Jibrin Isah attended the LGEA Primary School, Ajiolo-Ojaji, 1967-1972, He proceeded to Our Lady of School, Anyigba (1973-1977) for his secondary education, and subsequently to the Bayero University Kano (BUK), to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from 1979 -1983. He has added the following certificate to his education profile: a Masters Degree in Economics, with specialization in Capital Market from the University of Lagos (1991-1992); M.Phil. in Petroleum and Energy: obtained from the University of lbadan, 1998 – 2002; and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 2003. In addition, a Ph.D in Economics at Rushmore University, in the United States of America.

Humility personified, Jibrin lsah’s personal carriage and disposition conceal his level of intelligence and academic prowess consistent in his educational career. For instance, Jibrin Isah came top of his class at the Bayero University (BUK), Kano where he graduated with First Class Honours in Economics in 1983. This remarkable feat at the time when Nigerian universities and their degrees had integrity merely show that his obtaining a Division One on the West African School Certificate Examination, earlier, in 1977 from the Our Lady of Schools was not a fluke.

The chains of prices and laurels won by Jibrin Isah therefore do not come as a surprise against this backdrop. These prices and laurels which are monuments in his records have been won for distinguishing himself in both academic works and his working career in the banking sector. To mention just a few, these include: Federal Government Award for the Best First Year Student in Economics at BUK (1981); BUK Prize for the Best Final Year Student in Economics (1983); Continental Merchant Bank Nigeria, Plc Prize for the Best Staff of the Corporate Affairs Division (1989) and Afribank International Limited (Merchant Bankers) Prize for an Outstanding Performance, while heading the Capital Market Group (1994).

He was the Executive Director in charge of Treasury and Financial Institutions, Public Sector/Transaction Services, and Corporate Support, Afribank; He is an Economist and a Chartered Stockbroker, with over 20 years of fulfilling banking career. He started his banking career at the then Chase Merchant Bank Plc, in 1988 as an Analyst, where he handled various transactions including equipment leasing, project finance, trade finance and capital market activities; He later joined the then Afribank International Limited (Merchant Bankers) in 1991 as the Pioneer Head of Project Finance/Leasing Department. In 1993 he was appointed Pioneer Head of Capital Market group. While there he participated actively in the Privatization exercise of the Federal Government, carried out restructuring of various corporate bodies, and IPOs for some prime names. In 1998, he was seconded to AIL Securities Limited as the pioneer Managing Director/Chief Executive, within two years of existence, AIL Securities Limited attained a leadership role in the Nigerian Stock Market and has remained a household name in the Nigerian Capital Market. He will fondly be remembered for his tremendous contribution in the consolidation exercise of his bank.Trustee to several organisations.

Over the years, he has worked tirelessly to redeem Igalaland from the slave market of marginalization, oppression and idleness. He is a man with a lion heart who despite oppositions and pressure has continued to contribute to his community.

He loves traveling, Reading and Philanthropy,  he is married with children. His supporter’s sympathize with the humiliation and frustration he suffered in the hands of PDP hence he was advised to go for Senate come 2019 to represent Igala Bassa to continue in his for Igala race.

Dr Victor Alewo Adoji, PhD, FICA, ICCF

“I’m confident that God shall manifest in the affairs of our country and State” VAA

Dr.  Victor Alewo Adoji is an indigene of Okula-Aloma in Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi State. Born on the 29th May, 1971, he attended St Paul’s Primary School Sokoto and Federal Government College Sokoto between 1976-1982 and 1983-1988 respectively for his primary and secondary education.

He studied B.Sc Economics at the University of Jos and has Masters Degree in Business Administration (1999) and MSC Economic in 1999 for Corporate Strategy both from the Bayero University Kano. He also holds a Masters‘ Degree in Public and International Affair: (2009) from the University of Lagos. He continues his pursuit of knowledge with his enrolment for Bsc Political Science. He obtained a PhD Degree from American University, USA.

As a student, he was actively involved in student politics at various levels of his academic sojourn; at a point, 1992, he was elected Leader of the Students’ Union Government (SUG) of the University of Jos.

He began his working career with Paterson Zochonis (Nig) Plc as a superintendent from where he moved to as deputy editor, the business section of the Northern based Concern Magazine. He joined Zenith Bank in year 2000.

Those who must have heard about or know Dr. Adoji and his contribution to the growth and development of lgala Kingdom will agree that this illustrious lgala Son is one among the most respected iconic faces of lgala personalities.

A member of several Professional and academic bodies in Nigeria and beyond, Adoji has won numerous awards over the years in recognition of his meritorious and excellent performance in his services to the public and private sectors of the Nigerian Economy and in his wonderful and selfless services to the needy and the physically challenged people where he has touched lives tremendously.

Dr. Adoji is well-traveled. He is married to Helen Enemi Adoji and blessed with children.

He aspiration to contest for Kogi East Senatorial District of the state is borne out of his zeal to enhance development in the state.

May God Almighty bless the Igala Nation with anyone that knows our pains and in a way to help us and redeem our lost glory. Ameen.

Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko

Anyigba – Kogi State.

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