House of Reps 2019: Equity and Fairness Gives It To Bunu

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As we approach 2019, arguments have started pouring as to which district of the three that make up the Federal Constituency should have it this time based on an age long arrangement of rotation we have in place.
The first question is, do we actually have such an arrangement? The answer is Yes. Does the greed and inordinate ambition of a few invalidate it? Certainly not!
Of the three districts, Bunu has produced just one in person of Hon. Duro Meseko; 2003-2007, Ijumu has produced two in person of Hon Abiodun Ojo; 1999-2003 and then Hon Dino Melaye; 2007-2011, Kabba is currently serving its second term with Hon Teejay Yusuf.
The present confusion was foisted on us when we allowed the ambition of individuals to override general good.
Can we in all honesty blame Hon. Teejay Yusuf for attempting a second term when a fellow being was angling for a third term in contravention of existing arrangement?
Let no one rationalize the absurdity that has brought us to this junction of confusion. Since 2007, no Bunu son or daughter has vied for the House of Representatives in obedience to the arrangement.
2015 was Ijumu District’s turn but what truncated that dream emanated from Ijumu Arin. So sad! And for those not in the know, Ijumu Arin in this case refers to just three communities; Iyara, Ikoyi and Iffe. Barrister Lewis Asubiojo did contest in 2015 and lost. He is from Iffe.
Must Bunu District be made to suffer indiscretions of certain individuals? That will negate every known principle in terms of justice and fairness.
2019 will make it 16 years since a Bunu person contested for the House of Representatives seat in complete adherence to the rotation arrangement. It is only fair and just to give total support to Bunu District if we hope to sustain the noble idea entrenched by our fathers. If we don’t, the political landscape in the Federal Constituency will be totally messed up with dire consequences history and coming generations will never be favorable to us.
– Posi Botun

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