Hon. Oladele John Nihi Announces Scholarship for Ayegunle Gbede Students as He Receives a Meritorious Award of Excellence as an Icon of Diligent Service

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The name Oladele John Nihi is an household name in students activities in Nigeria as he has held so many student union leadership positions and participated actively in so many students struggles. Hon. Oladele is a graduate of Kogi State University, Anyigba, where he obtained his Bs.c (Hons) in Political Science in the year 2011.
While in the University, he held so many positions amongst which are President, Department of political science, Pioneer Speaker, Student Union Government (SUG) and he is currently the Coordinator, African Students Affair Leaders & Parliament (ASALP).
In his presentation, Comrade Sadu A. Abdulazeez, National President Ayegunle Gbede Student Union (AGSU) said “Hon. Oladele John Nihi is a comrade known for his passion for excellence and magnanimity for students not only in his home town but Nigeria in general. Permit me to read his citation by saluting the courage and integrity of the celebrant, the man who has been a beacon of hope for many redemptive lodestar worthy of emulation in land that is in need of hero and great pathfinders. Great individual are not only popular they give popularity to whatever they touch.
“Your intimidating curriculum vitae which is compendium of your rewarding experience, sojourn in Information dissemination, public recognitions and appointment with recommendation informed the unanimous decision of Ayegunle Gbede Students’ Union to confer you with this honor. Only few men of honor doggedness and rear achievement are consider for award of this nature. We must confess that we are very proud of him and therefore are using this medium to encourage him to continue to do more.”
“A man of intellectual acumen. Hon. Oladele John Nihi the CEO Fundel Global Resources Ltd and CEO Okun Ambassadors Magazine which succeeded sharing ideas, disseminating information and suggesting possible solutions to the Economic, Socio-political problem in Okun Land is undoubted by one of the most hard working and focused Comrade AGDU has produced whose vision for development has become a consuming passion.
“Hon. Oladele John Nihi has epitomize the dream of young generation leaders aspiring to give quality leadership. It will go down in history as the most celebrated and most impactful leader of our time. He is a leader, an incomparable inspirational and a highly celebrated dogged fighter. In this epithets of life, there was never an achievement without an achiever and there can never be a testimony without testimonials. So achievement in whatever shade is effusive, worthy and admirable.”
In his response to the award, Hon. Oladele John Nihi says he is very happy to be given the award today and promises to continue to do all in his power for students any where he can. “I want to first and foremost give God all the glory and honor for this wonderful opportunity and privilege. I dedicate this award to God and my mother who has being my pillar of support and to all my fans and comrades out there. I wish to announce to you that from next JAMB exam, I will through this Union start giving Scholarships to Students from Ayegunle by buying JAMB forms for 4 students and assist them in getting into tertiary institutions of their choice.”
He said this is not his first time of receiving an award but this is significant because its coming from his hometown & promises to continue to partner with the union.

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