Hon. Joseph Omuya Salami: The End of Clannish and Hegemonic Politics in Adavi LGA

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The issue of leadership has been a recurrent question in the quest for Adavi’s growth and development since its establishment in August 27, 1991. The story of failed political leadership has not changed as a result of the undue application of true democracy and the lack of regard for merit or competency in application of political seat. Many  vissionlessness and missionlesness leaders had  won under the platform of “hate speech” which promote the abuse and denial of some clans in plethora of ways making them a mere second class citizens in their home of abode.  The brain behind this “hate speech” of the people is for personal and selfish ends.

It was in this regards that the political elites among the hegemons designed antics like indigene (Oziete) and non-indigene  (Ozoga) paradox to create artificial division in the society in order attained their selfish interest and ambition, clamming that the Local Government Council is their Bonafide Estate for survival.  In this connection, they categorize a group of clans such as  Ezi-Adeika, Ezi- Apasi, Ezi- Uhuami, Ezi- Udu and, Ezi- Uka as the indigene with a political birth right to assume position in the Local Government. The worst hit in this indigeneity drama raises prebendalism which established political hegemony that favors the loyalists to the exclusion of others. As a result of this, contestants connive and thrive through replication of their clan and political fathers to manoeuver their ways to secure victory with no single interest of the society at heart. The craze of this so-called god fathers was aimed at enabling them to benefit from the spoils of office since there is no free lunch in the jungle of politics.

In contrast, the Ezi-Onogu, Ezi- Aningere and the Ezi- Eika are all classified as the non- indigene ( Ozoga) that have no political right to assume in their living Local Government. This undue attachment of political right to one clan or the other is the essential failure of the Local Government that supposed to ensure stability and growth through delivery of dividends to the masses. Thus, local building, local integration and economic development remain elusive as the people perceived politics as a self service not service to the people. Adavi  remain an area of no meaningful change from the old status-quo.

Be that as it may, it is undeniable to state that these discriminatory clans greedily refers to as non- indigenes (Ozoga) carried out their social responsibilities that contributed to the progress, peace and security of the society. They build houses, contributing to the building of mosques and churches, payment of taxes, established big businesses coupled with other social activities. During the census to determine the population of the society they are counted, in the registration of birth, they are registered to mentioned but few. It is therefore unfair to place a blanket denial for such people who have contributed bountifully to the society to be elbowed out in receiving the benefits accrue to them as citizen. It amount to nothing than forcing someone not to reap where he sown.

As been pointed out above this ugly situation continue to persist until the Local Government  was at the brink of collapse that become a mirage to the good people of Adavi to change the course of things, as it’s obvious  that a society without talented and committed leaders will always retrogress, or at best remain stagnant.

It was the same music of poor leadership vis a-vis indegeniship leadership of Hon. Ajoge Abubakar Enesi that was not in accordance with the New Direction Policy geared towards bringing about the much desired catalyst for social and economic development that led to his dismissal by His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello which led to the emergence of Hon. Joseph Omuya Salami to took over the mantle of governance in the Local Government. This is indeed a great development in the history of Adavi politics as the new administrator happened to be from the non-indigene paradox designated by the egoistic local politicians.

The psychological maturity of the Kogi State Government to deals with scenario that required urgent attention have helped to a large extent to wipe away the peoples tear and also made the Adavians to understand that politics is neither an inheritance stool nor family or clannish asset. However, it is much better to say a word of appreciation to His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello for being neutral and detribalize in his administration rather than snubbing around the corner for his great development in the state.

With great respect and pride, I heartily congratulate Hon. Joseph Omuya Salami on his impressive appointment of administrator of Adavi LGA. With no iota of doubt that the trust placed in you by the citizens will inspire you to continue important efforts in promoting the unity of Adavi, further well- being and security o f the people. We all trust you and your power, we are sure that  you are going to be a great leader we perceived.

Congratulation once again Hon. Joseph Omuya Salami and the good people of Adavi.

– Abdulkareem Mustapha Tawuta

amtawuta@gmail.com, 08143435654

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