Guber Poll: The Choice Kogi People Have to Make in November

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Never in our chequered political history have we been this insulted, oppressed, dehumanized and subjected to brazen indignation than we’ve been experiencing in the last three and a half years under the rudderless, heartless and directionless reign of Yahaya Bello and his lackeys. It does appear that God’s way of punishing us for our collective sins is to inflict us with an unmitigated disaster called Yahaya Adoza Bello.

Those beautiful stories that once earned Kogi its pride of place in the comity of serious states in Nigeria have all been eroded under the watch of Yahaya Bello who has taken cluelessness to a whole new level. Ironically, the combined success stories and laudable achievements of all his predecessors, dating back to when Kogi was created in 1991 are the only visible dividends of democracy across the length and breadth of the state.

Kogi is about the only state in Nigeria where power is domiciled in the hands of people who have no slightest idea of how to use it for public good. It is common knowledge to hear them and their carpetbaggers brag about pulling the levers of power and being in charge of affairs, yet the state keeps sinking in ignominy and has become the headquarters of maladministration in Nigeria.

It takes a human being who has sold his heart and conscience to the devil to deny the obvious fact that Kogi isn’t in ruins or hangs delicately in the balance. The parlous state of affairs in Kogi as we speak requires urgent solution and attention. Dear Kogites, the task before us is one that requires the inputs, cooperation, understanding and the buy-in of people who are interested in the wellbeing of the state.

This call to action has nothing to do with political parties or ethnic affiliation. It is largely about rescuing our state from total collapse and complete ruins. We owe future generations of Kogites the onerous responsibility of ensuring that we leave behind enviable legacies that they would build on. The offensive stench of failure that oozes from Kogi state rubs off on our image and reputation as a people.

The choice before us is to collectively come together in order to put a final stop to our gradual drift to hopelessness. The choice before us is to decide whether we wish our dear state well or Ill. It is about choosing between light and darkness, success and failure, good governance and maladministration, brilliant minds and blunt heads, achievers and thugs.

Our resolve to retake our state from economic spoliators, political urchins and administrative misfits is necessitated by the need to uphold the very ideals that our founding fathers who fought for the creation of the state envisioned. It has nothing to do with any ethnic group or arrangement. The calibre of persons presently presiding over our affairs in Kogi today lack the capacity, ingenuity and exposure to continue in office.

Dear Kogites, let’s put an end to the misery, hunger, poverty, insecurity and wanton lack that walk on all fours in Kogi state. The Bello led government has succeeded in reversing all the modest achievements recorded by his predecessors.

We have avalanche of incontrovertible facts and figures to write brilliant thesis on the failure that Yahaya Bello is. Bello and his boys cannot in good conscience lay claim to any achievement or account for the billions of naira that has hit the state’s coffers since they came on board.

The choice before us is to end the perfidious, tyrannical, visionless, hopeless and directionless reign of Yahaya Bello come November 16 2019. Let’s all join forces with the Engineer Musa Wada and Hon. Sam Aro team to halt our journey to Armageddon.

We say no to unbridled corruption, incompetence, dictatorship and criminal diversion of our patrimony by Bello and his political racketeers.

– Johnson Musa
Member PDP National Campaign Council for Musa/Aro.

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