Governor Yahaya Bello: 730 Days of Working Beyond the Promise

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By Vally Ujah.
Kogi State Governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello on assumption of office on Jan 27, 2016, presented a five-point agenda of Health, Education, Infrastructure and Utilities, Job Creation and Youth Engagement, Public Service and Pension Reforms, as the New Direction blue print for the development of the state.
Today, despite dwindling resources due to the prevailing economic recession in the country, Governor Bello remained focused on delivering qualitative governance to the people. In a period of two years in office, the governor has delivered beyond his campaign promises.
Two years of four years tenure is monumental in politics because any government would have had its road map marshalled, promises fulfilled and marshaling policies  and programmes in tandem with the  hopes of the electorate.
In assessing Bello, I am privileged from two sides of the coin, what he has done differently and how he is steering the ship of the state from mistrust and bitterness that once divided us from a united people with purpose.
Bello has met expectations, considering promises made. He has unified political and socio-cultural interest groups that were at daggers drawn. He has spread development across the state and removed the wedge of mistrust that exist between the three senatorial zones.Two years after, in terms of unemployment, ethnic bigotry and tribalism, social vices, corruption, food, shelter, and housing among others, the New Direction agenda is transforming lives.
Bello came at a most difficult time of recession, huge debt profile,bloated wage bills, uncompleted projects. With a clear vision, to create wealth, reduce unemployment through technical, vocational and formal education, make food abundant, have functional health institutions, enhance peace building for economic growth, the #NewDirection agenda became the template.
“Governor Bello two year in office will never be a complete one without mentioning the stable peace and security Kogites have enjoyed. The good people of Kogi state can now sleep with their two eyes closed due to security measures in place to protect lives and property of its citizens. And in some areas where there are still  ‎some security challenges, the governor and relevant security agencies in the state and at the federal level are not leaving any stone unturned to addressing such challenges proactively.
Bello blocked all leakages, made corruption unattractive and ensured prudent management and accountability to attract investors.
This won him confidence of the masses. He is incorruptible, principled and accessible by the downtrodden. Today, Kogi is witnessing uncommon transformation in education, job creation, health institutions, agriculture, rural and infrastructural development, peace building and inter-ethnic relations among others. The projects embarked by Bello had multiplier effect on the economy.
His greatest achievement is dousing ethnic tensions and building bridges of understanding across all sections of the state. Bello new direction administration has impacted on people and institutions, and political bats to be useful citizens. Bello’s strength is unity for justice, development, emancipation, equity and service.
The state is witnessing uncommon transformation of roads linking hamlets to villages, villages to towns and towns to cities, increasing transportation of goods and services, promoting economic activities.
In the area of agriculture, the exploits of Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration in agriculture should not pass without being mentioned. His rice, cassava Programme in the state is a good effort aimed at placing Kogi on a strong financial footing and independence as the food basket of the nation.
“In the health sector, through the governors commitment, the maternal mortality rate has reduced to the barest minimum and the state has maintained a zero polio status till date,while our hospitals now have qualified health practitioners.
The Civil service has been stabilised as the Staff Verification Exercise weeded ghost workers, discipline restored and punctuality at work upheld. Workers now imbibe ethics of service, salaries are paid as at when due, dedication rewarded with promotions and trainings. This has encouraged productivity, synergy between trade unions,labour leaders and government.
I therefore urged the good people of Kogi State to support the present administration to record ‘more success stories’ rather than distracting him.
“Governor Yahaya Bello has done well and is still doing well, we pray that God Almighty continues to direct him on the right path to enable him deliver more of his promises to Kogites”.

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