Gov. Yahaya Bello, Revisit and Apologize to Kogi Workers Now

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I have to go  straight to my points. For a starter, we all know what happened and how Alhaji Yahaya Bello emerged Governor of Kogi state.

We can’t continue to dwell on the past, therefore we must move forward but that does not mean Kogites will suddenly go mute are deaf nor dumb. We just want peace to reign. However, Governor Bello, you have abused the same opportunities as the sitting governor. 

Sir, you have done more harm than good to the good people of Kogi state.

The office you are occupying today came by luck due to the death of late Prince Audu Abubakar. As the first runner up in the primary, party considered you and you are the governor today.

The minority are lucky to have you and many hope that as a young man you will perform better than your predecessors but the reverse is the case today.

You may have good intentions, but the people you surrounded yourself with may not have same vision. Same happened to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan. We are all expected to learn from other people’s mistakes to perfect our ways.

All this mess started from the time heeded the advice from people to drop the original ‘New Direction Blueprint’. From that moment on, you got confused and directionless emerged in your timetable. It will serve you good if you can revisit the projects stated in the new direction holy book.

 I have said it before and will say it again that I gave you kudos for meeting up in the workers screening exercises in Kogi State. But then, the original manifesto is not use.

The period of months you spent and huge amount spent before you conducted the workers screening is another issue. You don’t know how many persons seized that opportunity to enrich themselves. You have spent lots all in the name of using experts, you introduced different kinds of committee to check the process, all these suffered because they told you not to operate with your master program.

Do you mind to know the number of lives that perished on the high way just because of moving up and down all in the name of staff verification exercise? Do you know how many pensioners went to their early graves for being on the bad roads day and night? Nobody cares how they got money to eat and transport from different local governments to the state capital. Many came on empty stomach and return same way. Many don’t have parents nor relative in the state capital to live with, they hang around till  the next day since they have no much money to go home and return to Lokoja. We all know what that means.

We recorded many deaths of workers as at then all in the name of road accidents, due to bad road network.

For your information Sir, not every soul that departed then will rest in peace. Many blood are crying loud but you can’t see nor hear.

We will not quickly forget some of the frequent incidents to the workers. On one occasion, the government requested for the workers to present their original certificates. They had to squeeze themselves to obey. However, while some of these workers were rushing to Lokoja, on reaching Ajaokuta, unknown gun men attacked them. Their assailants did not collect their money, nor mobile phone, but demanded for their original certificates which was torn all because of screening which is clearly a set up.

These ugly activities lasted for some months while others involved in major accidents died instantly. Those whom God preserved are borrowing to treat themselves and eat on credit, even without hope of getting paid.

Governor Bello, its seems that wasn’t enough, you went ahead to have the cleared and uncleared workers. Punishing workers for some minor offences that can be corrected with warning. Massive sack of workers began.

I recall that in a viral video, you boasted that if they like they should report to President Donald Trump of United States of America and nothing will happen. The video went viral and some people still have it in their archive. This doesn’t speak well of us.

It got worse every day till a point you separated the ghost from the genuine workers. And this brought about percentage payment. Some ministries will be paid other ministries will not get paid. Some were transferred from their ministries without official transfer letter and that means the transfer was illegal. 

Like that was not good enough, people got paid base on selection while others will get bank alert, on getting to the bank they will discover that the money has been reversed while your media aide will be publishing something else on salary payment. Many received alerts on Facebook and other social media platforms.

It went all along and things were getting harder on daily basis and if you dare complain, your name will be sorry because you will be arrested and taken to the police station. If we forget everything, the arrest of the likes of  Comrade Austin Usman Okai and Johnson Musa will not fade from our memories anytime soon. Why not use the money to develop the state to prove the people’s criticism wrong.

GYB, you have done much harm than good. 

Your government went on to reshape the board arrangements of Kogi State University, Anyigba, College of Education Ankpa, School of Nursing Obangede and ended up dealing with lecturers. Many have been suspended, many were frustrated and some were forcefully made to resign.

To talk about cash management, public funds. From inception, we all know the huge amount of accruing to the state as monthly allocation. We are aware of the percentage of bail out funds and Paris club refund that has been paid in to the state account and not used wisely.  A lot has been spent on police and court cases, all to attack any one who dare condemn the government.

We all know that there is no way opposition will not figure out errors and lodge complaint to any active administration of every state. Personally, I see  criticism as a support tool for every government on board, as it helps you to know where you are going wrong and adjust. But the white Lion  administration see it as fighting and disturbing. This administration consider the critics as enemies and as the person will start getting anonymous text and calls threatening to arrest or kill.

With due respect, arresting will not help us. Instead ask that person to share his ideology to move the state forward.

It is only in Kogi that the Chief of Staff to the governor accepted and said on national television live phone call that; “I can beat my chest that we are owing 3 three months salaries”. Meanwhile, reports confirmed that the state was owing 7-8 months arrears as at then, while the DG media publicized another thing on dailies. If I should advice, check the activities of your media team.

Sir, the innocent blood of civil servant’s are crying loud. Kogites are not satisfied with the service we are getting from you. Even your own people  who are expected to benefit most are lamenting and regretting because their high expectations are different from what they are seeing now.

We have been deceived many times on the project that doesn’t  exist and the publication keep telling us lies for instance on agriculture.

– Where is Omi Rice Mill located in the State and how much agricultural products are harvested since the existence of the said farm? 
– We know Ibaji local government residents to be farmers, how have you empowered or supported them to grow as farmers?  
– You have received numerous awards on security yet kidnappers are still operating, thuggery is on the increase, threatening opposition politicians and their supporters.

You were accused of importing guns and military gears to the state as exposed by Senator Dino Melaye last year, this was denied. We are not doubting you but those boys disturbing opponent’s rallies here and there, destroying properties purchased with huge amount of money, using cars branded with your name and party name calls for concern. There is need to investigate them.

Sir, it was alleged that Natasha Hadiza Akpoti’s rallies were attacked on several occasions, same as Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji’s rallies were attacked in different locations. If we agreed that there are no thugs, who are those ones attacking opposition parties?

If I should continue I will get hurt the more because you have failed woefully. Instead of apologizing, you’re boasting and thinking of re-election.

If Kogites may ask, what has being your achievements within the last three  years that you’re seeking reelection? Many questions will keep propping up.

 I have spoken my mind and the minds of some Kogites.

– Nicodemus Mawedo Joseph
Tel: 070-3340-8800.

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