FML Charges Kogi Youths to Proffer Solutions to State, National Challenges

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Kogi State Secretary of First Massive Literati (FML), Jerry Elukpo has called on youths in the state to proffer solutions to the myriads of problems bedeviling the state and Nigeria.

In a press release made available to Kogireports, Elukpo stated that Kogi is a peculiar state that faces challenges of multi-tribalism just like Nigeria.

He urged the youths to see the FML movement as an opportunity to come under one umbrella to provide solutions on how to help the Government even without them knowing.

First Massive Literati (FML) is a socio-political movement whose vision is to build a just and egalitarian society. It was born out of the love for Nigeria and was established in September, 2016 by the convener, James Kurokimi Useghan.

Since the inception of this movement, it has expanded and presently consist of 27 State Chapters. FML intends to serve as a watch dog on political practices and other things that matters in our society.

According to Elukpo, FML is currently planning to hold an Economic Summit on 4th of November at University of Lagos. The Summit tagged ‘Rebuilding Nigeria’  is expected to be graced by 4 speakers, 4 panelists and youths from all over Nigeria.

“As a pressure group, the Summit is aimed at advocating for good governance in Nigeria. It is a youth movement that also creates avenue for leaders to expound to the masses how they intend to improve the various sectors and make it fully functional,” he said.

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