Flekosteel: How Nigerian Professor Helps to Ease Joint and Spinal Pain

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By Abdul Aji.

A natural macromolecular formula developed by a Nigerian doctor, Professor Samuel Ibrahim, has led to great success in the fight to get healthy joints and spinal cord. 

The product is called Flekosteel.

This macromolecular formula is produced as an active gel-pad that is instantly absorbed, and it helps provide pain, inflammation and stiffness relief, relaxing the joints and spine. Unlike chemical drugs, macromolecular products are completely safe, which has been confirmed by analysis at the German Research Center in Dortmund.

This analysis also proves that this product is highly effective in most cases. Due to this, people between the ages of 21-93 benefited tremendously in just a few weeks: their pain, inflammation and stiffness were relieved, as well as an inflammation caused by joint damage, joint and spinal injuries. These results were found to be a problem that has been there. It has only natural and safe ingredients. As it is chemically synthesized in a very proper way, it has reconstructive properties that are many times more powerful. Taking these substances daily also makes it better for people who are seriously suffering from joint diseases, inflammation and damage for a long time which have been caused by an accident etc.

As soon as these people applied Professor Ibrahim’s macromolecular formula, even the sharpest pain in their joints and spine was relieved. Thanks to this, they finally started walking and were able to do daily chores.

After a few days of taking the product, the participants’ synovial fluid of cartilage started increasing rapidly which decreased the problems such as stiffness, numbness and fractures. After that 87% of the participants got stronger joints, ankles and muscles and their swelling and inflammation were reduced. The joints and spine were getting healthier on their own 24 hours a day.

The participants felt three times more energy than normal. But that was not all. The trial participants also admitted that their ability to walk returned like it used to be in their youth. Today, they can walk, run and dance and have no fear of fractures, just like they did at the age of 20-25.

Professor Samuel Ibrahim, an expert in Molecular Biology, wanted to improve his mother’s worsening osteoarthritis. He wanted to help relieve the constant pain, joint stiffness and cracking that his mother was experiencing, so she could walk again like she used to. After conducting one year of advanced clinical trials, the Professor developed a macromolecular formula which is natural, safe and easy to use. It successfully combats joint and back pain, making them functional; stiffness, inflammation, swelling and wear are significantly reduced.

The product was described in many professional medical journals as “A new development in the field of Rheumatology”.

For this success, the Professor was nominated for the Nobel Prize. Due to the effectiveness of this formula, people who were living with severely damaged joints and spines for many years also got a chance to feel better. Thanks to this, many people were able to improve their physical health and stopped taking painkillers which were destroying their liver.

Will this new product result in the closure of joint pain medications, creams and gels business? Well-known experts of Clinical Neuro-physiotherapy, Department of Physiotherapy College of Medicine (UCH), University of Ibadan do not doubt that it will happen.

More than 14, 000 patients have already benefited from this product, relieving their pain. As a result, they have stopped taking painkillers, they no longer spend much money on ineffective treatment, ointments and gels, nor do they keep waiting in long queues at Orthopaedics departments. In just a few weeks, this product even managed to help patients in wheelchairs. Now they can live a normal life as well. But how is it possible?

More than 14,000 satisfied customers who used this macromolecular formula have confirmed this. These are the people who have tried it themselves and were able to experience pain relief.

Professor Ibrahim’s macromolecular formula is a step forward in the battle to improve joints and spine.Medications work for a very short time and their effect is minimal. They also damage the digestive system and fill the body with toxins. Ointments and gels only fill the pharmaceutical companies’ pockets. This is very detrimental to health, and your hard-earned money is wasted. But Professor Ibrahim’s formula is based on natural active components of herbal plants and has no side effects. It relieves pain quickly and a person starts walking with no sign of stiffness, numbness and pain. This new formula is a combination of modern inventions in molecular biology, neurology and rheumatology.

Adaobi (68 years old) and Ebubechukwu (66 years old) living in Abuja were among the first Nigerian people to take Flekosteel:  Adaobi said “My husband and I have been working on our organic farm for many years, we do not know anything else. Now that organic became popular, we have to work even harder. We were doing great but then our joints began to get worse. My wrists and elbows were aching all the time and there always was a pain in my spine. My husband also had pain in his knee and hips. Thank god, I found out about Flekosteel at the right time. If we had not bought it, it would have been the biggest mistake of our lives.   We felt as if we got disabled, but within four weeks we were back to work! Now my husband also rides a bicycle and I weave sweaters etc. We danced so much at our daughter’s wedding that people had to forcibly stop us. What could be better than this? Thank you very much, guys.”

A German research centre in Dortmund has proven without a doubt how effective Flekosteel is. Professor Ibrahim has been nominated for several awards for his research, including the Nobel Prize. Prof. Samuel Ibrahim IbbI is a lecturer at University of Ibadan.

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