Finding Balance; The Art of Giving and Setting Boundaries

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In a world where kindness and generosity are valued, it’s important to strike a balance between helping others and protecting ourselves. While giving freely can create appreciation and anticipation, it can also lead to expectations, entitlement, and even resentment. This piece explores the delicate balance between giving and setting boundaries, reminding us that self-care is just as important as helping others.

Creating Appreciation: The first time we give something for free, it often fosters appreciation. Acts of kindness can be met with gratitude, and the recipient may feel valued and supported. This initial exchange sets a positive tone for future interactions. This often build up to another stage of appreciation building.

Building Anticipation: As we continue to give, anticipation may arise. The recipient may eagerly await our assistance or support, knowing that we have been generous in the past. This anticipation can strengthen the bond between giver and receiver. This is why whenever ones benefactor shows up, there’s usually a stimulant of receive and expectations of “take, or have this” An expectation navigate ones anticipation has been built over time.

Navigating Expectations: However, as giving becomes a pattern, expectations can emerge. The recipient may come to rely on our assistance without considering the boundaries or limitations we may have. These expectations can lead to future troubles if not managed effectively. And expectations show up in behavior. You know or get what people expect by how they behave.

The Danger of Entitlement: With repeated acts of giving, entitlement can creep in. The recipient may start to believe that they are entitled to our help or resources, disregarding the fact that our generosity is a choice, not an obligation. This sense of entitlement can strain relationships and create an unhealthy dynamic. This happens after one has built much expectations on something that’s been regular. Along the line, one whose sense of entitlement has been filled to brim are prone to become trap of dependency.

The Trap of Dependency: Continued giving without boundaries can inadvertently create dependency. The recipient may become reliant on our support, losing their own sense of agency and self-sufficiency. This can hinder personal growth and development.

Resentment and Hatred: If we suddenly stop giving after establishing a pattern, resentment and even hatred can arise. The recipient may feel betrayed or abandoned, unable to understand why the generosity they once experienced has ceased. This can damage relationships and lead to long-lasting negative emotions.

Finding Balance: While this discussion may seem discouraging, it serves as a reminder to know our limits and set healthy boundaries. It’s essential to be mindful of our own well-being and not let others take advantage of our kindness. By finding a balance between giving and setting boundaries, we can maintain healthy relationships and protect our own emotional well-being.

Conclusively, in a world where acts of kindness are valued, it’s crucial to find a balance between giving and setting boundaries. While generosity can foster appreciation and anticipation, it can also lead to expectations, entitlement

– Abubakar Nefisat
Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba.

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