Federal University Lokoja; More Revelations on Sex-for-Grade Scandal

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What appears to be more revelations have continued to trail alleged sex-for-grade allegations rocking the Federal University Lokoja (FUL), Kogi State, with some aggrieved students expressing their anger over the negative development.

Some of the students whose faculty were mentioned have however kicked, saying they found no reason why they should be singled out.

A student from the History and International Studies Department, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said other facilities were only being envious of the ‘perfect relationship between the lecturers and students of the department.

While not ruling out the phenomenon in her department, she however said it should not be limited to theirs.

According to her: “I am not saying that it is not happening in history department, but it is not limited to us.

“Those from the other departments, especially Political Science, are behind this. I noticed early that the school authorities do not allow lecturers to invigilate us during exams, this was even before the story broke.

“Yes. We hear of this; from what I heard, it is even some of these girls that throw themselves at the lecturers, for marks.

“Some of the female students, especially the serious ones feel cheated; you will see a student that is apparently duller than you, score better grades. It’s shameful and quite discouraging.”

It was reported that a lecturer from one of the departments had openly talked down on lecturers from one of the departments, who during an exams, had tried to intervene on behalf of a male student over alleged infraction.

Report had it that there is unease among the academic and non academic rank and file of the FUL over alleged discreet investigation of some unidentified lecturers and non academic staff of the institution, for alleged sex for grades, by the management of the institution.

The investigations, said a source, is not limited to the academic departments alone, but extends to some non academic staff members, who were said to have perfected ways of intimidating female students into sexual relationships.

The source said others from the departments of economics and computer  science are among those under investigated.

“It is a serious matter. Though it remains at the level of allegations. There is this particular lecturer who was said to have taken a fresh exams paper home, where he allowed a female student to rewrite a failed course. The lady in question is said to be sleeping with him.

“There are several other related allegations, more of which are in the history department. Some non academic staff members are being investigated too.

“The investigations is going on discreetly and it appears we have a can of worms on our hands here. Some of the male students are said to be the go-betweens in this sex for grade thing.

“Some staff are said to have gone low as to demand recharge card and snacks from students, particularly female students, who they allot marks.

“The situation is capable of undermining the academic discipline in the school. Management felt it should be nipped in the bud,” said the source who refused to divulge the name of any of the lecturer that is being investigated,” said the source.

Another student said that the situation was becoming embarrassing, as some of her “female colleagues sleeping with lecturers, openly flaunt it.

“We have three notorious lecturers in my department; everyone in the know are aware of what is happening, and there’s no way the authorities will not have gotten wind of the sleaze and dirty dealings.”

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