Faleke Berates Bello, Vows to Rescue Kogi From Maladministration

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The former running mate to late Prince Abubakar Audu in 2015 governorship election in Kogi State, Chief James Faleke, says he will rescue Kogi State from maladministration in 2019.


Speaking at his country home in Ekirin-Ade in Ijumu local government council of the state on Monday while celebrating his birthday, the national assembly member stressed that never before has Kogi State witnessed the bad governance they are experiencing today.


“Never before had Kogi received the amount of money that we have received in recent months.


“I can tell you that since the present administration came on board, each Local Government in Kogi State has collected minimum of N2.1b from January to December. Unfortunately our people are still in abject poverty.


“Unfortunately our infrastructure are in complete decay; unfortunately salary has become a mirage; unfortunately Kogi State happened to be the first State that a civil servant on level 16 committed suicide. So many of our people have died since this administration came on board.”


He said although he is in the same party with Governor Yahaya Bello, that does not mean he should keep quiet to the “impunity” going on.


His words, “We are saying that the Government must change for the better if it wants to continue to be in office because it is only by the will of the people. And when these people are not happy, it becomes a problem.


“I have heard the Governor Yahaya Bello compare himself to President Muhammadu Buhari and I have said it openly and I am saying it again that President Buhari, in character, behaviour, observance of religious ethics, conduct, relationship with people is the complete opposite of the Governor.


“When the President was the chairman of PTF, he had every opportunity to own petrol station all over the country but he did have one filling station; that is a man of character.


“Throughout his stay as PTF boss and as former military Head of State, he only owned one bungalow in his home town; a three bedroom bungalow, he never lived a lavished life.


“So if anybody says he is emulating the President, that person must be of good conduct, that person must behave like President behave in terms of payment of salary for workers.


“When the President came on board, he gave all the Governors to pay salary of workers. Kogi got N20b as the first tranche. Till today our people are still in abject poverty and Kogi is a civil service State.


“Hence, when the civil servants are not paid the petty traders would not have any business because their business depend on the salary of civil servants to survive.


“So it has a multiplier effect in the negative perspective. but I assure you that change will come. I want to implore you; don’t be afraid. we hear they have bought guns for their vigilante to intimidate people during election but God who made it possible for those guns to be manufactured will silence those guns at that time.


“I tell you on the election day, it is going to be your ballot paper and the voter’s card; those are what will decide your future. If you want the situation to remain the way it is, the card is in your hand; if you want change, the card is also in your hand.”



Credit: Daily Post

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