Evangelist Fanwo Fans Woeful Lies During Another ‘Evangelism’

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I have read evangelist Fanwo’s latest quixotic sermon, narrating his usual self styled imaginative bunkum. It is skeletal, watery, fleshless and lacked cognitive substance.

It is no longer worrisome and disturbing that barefaced lies are deliberately churned out on the public because they are ‘nonsense as usual’. So Kogites no longer bother about them.

I won’t be surprised if the latest article was inspired by two shots of alomo bitters under the hellish and sweltering Lokoja sun.

These guys are not even bothered about the times after now. Times are ticking, their tenure is wounding down and Kogites are no longer interested in their governance. They have endured this far, and praying to God for more energy and resilience to outlive these rogues in high places.

Fanwo came out after a long while to outline his usual infamous lies and recited the same songs they’ve chorused for nearly 7 years. If he kept quiet, would anyone hold him responsible for being quiet? But election is coming, interest is wagging and ticket is at stake so they must like dog wag their tails before the governor to get automatic or consensus ticket of the party.

That the governor has lived with these conmen for so far and has not understood their gimmicks tells of his intelligence.

Nobody is fazed again with their ways of lies. They’ve said these things too many times that they are now ubiquitously monotonous. In fact, we can predict so seamlessly their next line of thoughts and actions. That’s how untactful and predictable they’ve become.

First, the civil service reform they bandied as success is nothing but a known mendacity. It was an exercise far from success. An exercise that cut down unintended beneficiaries in thousands and yet wage bill almost doubled in billions can’t be a successful exercise.

Again, that their Bello is the one keeping APC united is the most despicable, deplorable and dishonorable stuffs I have read of late. How disgusting did that sound to our selfe-styled evangelist?

The false garb of worth and influence they wear the young man everyday is why he sees himself as a factor. He doesn’t belong anywhere aside being a governor. And as things stand now, if he is not careful, he will not dictate or influence who becomes his successor. That is the reality of the emerging political game. Whether they accept it or not!!

Moreso, that Bello is the man to beat in APC, because of his national acceptance. Which of the Bello? What national acceptance? Because swift or smart folks have constituted themselves to prey on his gullibility, junketerring and peregrinating around the nation, bandying and selling endorsement of his candidacy can’t be a validation for acceptance.

These guys are quadrennial traders. It is their stock in trade. And it is why you would see the same people in Kaduna in Lagos, in Abuja and of recent in Calabar. They move in droves, like wildebeest during ‘the great migration’. They are never scarce of what to sell so far an ambition is birthed.

Bello doesn’t have national acceptance. He’s not even accepted by the negligible traders and conmen who bandied his endorsement ‘upandan’. They only created a survival mechanism because they’ve scaled and weighed him to be ignorant and politically naive of the times. He’s a privileged man, and privilege doesn’t confer on anyone intelligence and wisdom. It is only an opportunity to express oneself. And he has expressed that in a bad and terrible way

I am truly worried for Bello. The nature of people he listens to daily is a cause for concern. Every meaningful Nigerian must come together and salvage that guy from the cluster and clutches of vodooism and the labyrinth of marauders he has been enmeshed. This may not be ordinary. Bello needs prayers to rediscover himself.

On salary payment, how would those who are paid peanuts as salaries read and consume what that self made evangelist wrote? This deliberate mendacity is injurious and depressing to those at the receiving end.

Rather than falsehood, government should publish payments of those who got the full minimum wage. That’s what responsible governments do. Not telling us appointees got as much percentage as workers. It is witchcraft and wizardry to be so nonsensical.

Fanwo has no image to protect so he could be careless. He is like a bee that jumps on every ready made ‘pollen and nectar’. He would jump onto another government tomorrow to berate even Bello and his term. That’s the kind of person he is.

But Bello would be left with his regime and the indelible damages his term wrecked on the state. Nobody would even remember Fanwo. But Bello would be on the mouth of everyone for everything bad. He alone can redeem himself!

I hope Bello quickly rediscover himself. He needs to see himself in the mirror and know that he has evolved into everything debilitating. Enough of the deception in his name.

– Henry Francis Folaranmi writes from Lokoja.

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