Echocho Cannot Help Yahaya Bello Win 2019 Elections, Okai Carpets Edward Onoja

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Social critic, Austin Okai has faulted Edward Onoja’s analysis and forecast of politics in Kogi East.

In a press statement, Okai said the Independence Day political analysis of tthe Chief of Staff to Kogi State Governor, Edward Onoja, is far from the realities on ground.

“If he, Yahaya Bello is popular why is he so desperate to have Jibrin Isah Echocho on his side? Echocho is aware of Bello’s diminishing popularity and at this stage, Echocho will not mess himself up,” he said.

He debunked Onoja’s claims that past leaders from Kogi East – former Governors and National Assembly members – failed. He posit that achievements of past leaders from the zone is way ahead and better what is obtainable under current administration in the state.

Okai said the level of commitment displayed by the past leaders from Kogi East in the area of social and human development is what the privileged government of Yahaya Bello had denied the people in the last 20 months despite huge inflow of funds.

The blogger stated that the past leaders ruled with the fear of God, transparency and accountability without propaganda as is obtainable under present administration.

According to Okai, the current administration’s efforts to lure some political heavyweights from Kogi East, like Echocho, into its fold with the promise to support their senate and House of Reps aspirations in 2019 is a calculated design to give Gov. Bello an easy ride into a second term in office. He argued that all the gimmicks of the current government will fall like a pack of cards in due time.

“Onoja is not in a better position to speak for the leaders in Kogi East. Kogi East is not an appendage of any political leadership in the state and will not concede to any attempt to hoodwink, cajole or concede our political strength to any group of persons who had connived with shallow minds in the area.

“The idea of riding on the popularity of some political heavyweights like Alhaji Jibrin Isa Echocho, as being taunted by the greedy Edward Onoja, will not see the light of the day.

“How can the same man who was not fit to be Deputy Governor in the early part of this administration suddenly become a messiah?

“Without mincing words, Kogi East leaders like Andrew Abogede, Yahaya Ugbane, Ahmadu Ali, Alex Kadiri and a host of former political office holders mentioned in Edward’s analysis were professionals who rose to the zenith in their respective fields of endeavours unlike the gate-crashers like Edward Onoja and his paymaster who were mere office boys and relationship officers. These notable Igala leaders are not like politicians who swindled delegates in governorship election primaries with fake financial instruments.

“The present administration, which Edward Onoja is playing a crucial role, should focus more on how to solve the numerous industrial crises occasioned by non-payment of Kogi workers’ salaries,” he said.

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