Dr Sam Omale; A Profile of Grit, Wit and Resourcefulness

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Once the heated Kogi polity comes to mind, one is awed by its decades of existence with no proper structural leadership. Amidst dazzling colonial relevance, political landmark achievement and enormously untapped potential revenue base, the wheel of progress is slow with successive leaders void of political will and desire to turn the fortune of the confluence city around.

Hope in this regard looks like a distant illusion especially with pathetic manners in which who governs relish ethnicity and religious fraternity to be determined. It is gradually fuelling unrest with the three senatorial districts jostling to take over from Yahaya Bello as the next governor of the state. Sane to say, if left unchecked, the state is heading for a rock.

Although, from inception of this administration, Kogi state Government and its APC are akin to a coat of many colours leapfrogging governance at the whims and caprices of insatiable power seeker revered for murdering sanity among civil servants, GYB’s despotic quests to produce a successor has further shredded the state in abyss of disunity and chaos, and if handled with levity, the intrigues which prolonged the then Ibrahim Idris’ tenure will be a child’s play.

Apparently, the governor has jettisoned that unanimous process which made him governor in 2015 and he is soaring in outmoded ‘divide and rule’ with flawed rent-seeking policies which, in nutshell threw his rogue, incoherent and demagoguery minion, Usman Ododo in the negative books of all Kogites panting for his exit. Moreover, the quality, intent and involvement of contemporary actors underscore the mindset of wearied people yearning for change as professional enthusiasts don’t just run amok or gambles to rule, they are setting standards with daring blueprints atypical of what is obtained in our electioneering history.

Famous among these professionals is the Young Progressive Party’s banner bear, Dr Samson Agada Omale. The London based banker, Economist and global consultant isn’t just a force to reckon with, he is figured to have demonstrated character, competence and capacity from individual folklore and if given the opportunity, Kogi under his watch may compete globally within the shortest time frame. With his decades of experience in organised private world, a tempting blueprint tagged “The Kogi we deserve in our Palm” and his constant quests to speak to Kogites about his mission and vision, the dynamics may be positively affected before we know it.

Who is Dr. Samson Agada Omale?

Dr Samson Agada Omale is a London based consultant, a result-oriented  international Capital market professional with proven records of achievement in product development and strategy. He is the president/CEO; Rock Global Investment Network; a London based corporate firm with speciality in investment management, training and consultancy.

The Olamaboro born Kogite specialises in capital market and banking product, entrepreneurship, et al. In his quest to change the narrative via political landscape, Sam combines intellectualism with practical application of what he teaches around the world to frame ‘The Kogi We Deserve In Our Palm’ manifesto clothed in security, economic growth, infrastructure, good governance and human development for the task ahead.

He is neither a garrulous grandstander nor an overnight-seeker, he has paid his dues. From academia to the corporate world, he is experienced, and, having coached in most developed nations of the world for decades and witnessed the beauty of transformed society, Sam is keen about a Kogi state that taps into her underlying potentials in full capacity.

His journey to Lugard house became unavoidably necessary after 32 years of economic, political, social and religious retrogression in Kogi state. Little wonder, Sam currently enjoys unalloyed support of his people across every segment of the state having displayed positivity in antecedents never-before-recognized as requisite for achieving functional leadership. He has so far resonates transparency, equality and accountability process which inadvertently curb reckless abuse of public trusts by those at the corridor of power and the nuances which shaped such uncommon resolution is not farfetched.

Dr Sam has a tempting academic resumè garnered from various learning institutions of repute across the globe including but not limited to; a PhD in finance, an M.sc in international capital markets, MBA in Banking and Finance, and a B.sc in Education.

– Enema Joy writes from Ibaji LG, Kogi state.

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