Dove-Haven Foundation Educates Transport Workers on Cancer Control, Prevention

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By Stephen Adeleye

An NGO, the Dove-Haven Foundation (DHF), on Monday sensitised transportation workers and other relevant stakeholders on their roles in the prevention and control of cancer.

The DHF is a non-profitable, non-political, and a non-governmental organisation (NGO) focusing on rural community cancer campaign, located in Isanlu, Yagba East Local Government Area (LGA), Kogi State, Nigeria,

Speaking at the event in Isanlu, the DHF’s Executive Director, Dr Ekundayo Samuel, said the event was organised in pursuit of the organisation’s aim of reducing cancer threats and in the spirit of giving back to the society,

He said the event, tagged: ”The Role of Transportation Workers in Cancer Control”, was to enlightened transportation workers on their role in cancer control and how they can join in the fight against cancer.

”We believe in inclusion because that is the best and quickest way to overcome the plague called cancer. Everybody needs to be involved”.

”So, we have put in place today’s event to look at the role of transportation workers in cancer control, and over 90 participants would participate in the event,” he said.

Dr Samuel, who was represented by Mrs. Eunice Olure, a Community Health and Extension Worker of DHF, appreciated all the dignitaries and participants for the turnout.

He noted that the organisation’s vision was to see a world without cancer threats, saying the lined up activities for the day would allow the participants to play their part in cancer control.

According to him, the continuous rise in the incidence of cancer burden in Nigeria, Africa, and globally is of great concern.

Dr Samuel emphasised that it had been projected according to global cancer statistics (GLOBOCAN) that by the year 2030, about 30 million people will be living with cancer.

He added that the projection also showed that one in two persons would have one form of cancer or another by 2030 if nothing was done.

He stressed that Nigeria had an estimated 100,000 new cases of cancer in 2020 as reported by GLOBOCAN.

The Guest Speakers present at the event were; Dr. Nasir Abdullah, Medical Officer-in-Charge, General Hospital, Isanlu; and Mrs. Emily G. Baba, Family Planning Lead, Yagba East LGA, Kogi state.

Dr Nasir Abdullah, who spoke on “Cancer And Its Causes”, said that cancer always resulted from the inappropriate, abnormal, and excessive procreation of cells.

According to Abdullah, cancer can affect any part of the body but mostly affects five body part such as the breast, lungs, prostate, cervix, and intestine; and does not discriminate based on age, status, race, or colour.

He added that notable signs and symptoms of cancer included: difficulty in urination and excretion, inappropriate blood discharge in orifices, growth in the breast or any part of the body, indigestion, persistent cough, vocal irritation, among others.

He emphasised the need for early presentation for screening and stern carefulness of lifestyle.

On her part, Mrs Emily Baba, who spoke on “Cancer Control and the Role of the Transport Workers in Preventing the Spread of Cancer”, said that exhausts from mechanical machines like motorcycles, tricycles, and cars were the major triggers of cancer formation.

She urged the people to be conscious and more sensitive to changes in their body, and to regularly consult medical personnel for necessary advice and screening if necessary.

She said that the best cure for cancer was prevention, saying Cancers detected at their early stages could still be effectively managed.

She, therefore advised everyone to keep away from mechanical exhaust as much as possible in order to prevent cancer infection.

She added that harmful substances that predispose people to cancer include: cigarettes, alcohol, unhealthy food, among others.

Mrs Baba further advised all to eat a healthy diet and observe adequate physical exercise at least 30 minutes daily.

In their separate comments, the Chairmen of Branch 1 and 2, National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Yagba East, Mr. Sunday Abiodun, and Mr. Femi Job, respectively, appreciated DHF for including them in the fight against cancer.

They equally charged their members to make use of lessons learned from the lectures.

Also, Mr. Bidemi Anjorin, the General Chairman, Okada Riders Association, thanked the organisation and promised to position themselves to spread the message.

During the question and answer session, several questions were asked by the audience, and answers were provided accordingly.

After the event, the DHF provided free five litres of petroleum motor spirit (PMS) to each of the participants at the filling station opposite the DHF office.

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