A Call to Draw The Attention of Police Service Commission to Irregularities in Personnel Promotion

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‘A stitch in time saves nine’, it is better to act or deal with problems immediately, because if you wait and deal with them later, things will get worse and the problems will take longer to deal with.

It is upon this adage that we are calling the attention of the management of the Police Service Commission (PSC) to the ongoing anomalies being perpetrated by police in denying other promotees of 2016 in the ongoing promotion arrangement of 2015/2016.

It is heart aching that theĀ  shortlisted beneficiaries of the 2015/2016 by police supposed to include the police men who joined the force in 2003, it is worthy of note that even those in 2002 were also promoted in 2016 until another signal came to backdate there promotion date to December 2015.

A correction should please be made to include other ranks of 2016 in the ongoing promotion arrangements for the sake of equity and fairness.
Since some constables who were recruited in year 2016 are now shortlisted for the promotion alongside those promoted in 2015 leaving behind other ranks like corporals and sergeants to their fate.

The above action is believed to be another perfect calculated attempt to encourage indiscipline in which the chairman of Police Service Commission, Mr Musiliu Smith, promised to work against in his mission statement, targeted at correcting all the wrongs he met in the process of promotion.

We are appealing to the PSC Chairman, Mr Musiliu Smith, to set up a panel of enquiry to look into this allegations of gross irregularities being perpetrated by some quarters of police against some officers.

Prayer:- let the sin of others promoted in 2016 who are also supposed to benefit from this promotion be forgiven them if they have sinned! Let them be equally looked upon with favour for equity, fairness and justice.

In conclusion, we appeal to the police service commission in an attempt to do the right thing, should not refuse to do the needful at the right time, because ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.

– Concerned Officers

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