Deplorable State of Public Schools in Dekina-Bassa Fed Constituency

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Dekina / Bassa Federal Constituency appears to be the largest Federal Constituency in Kogi state. However, as large as it appears so also are the problems that have impeded its development over the years. 

One of the problem in Dekina / Bassa Federal Constituency is the deteriorating state of Public Schools. A tour in and around the 22 wards of the Constituency reveals a total collapse of Public School Infrastructure both at the primary and secondary levels.

Parents and guardians who can’t afford to send their children and wards  to private schools, attends the public schools. Children in the Public Schools are exposed to very high level risks due to the conditions of classrooms. Broken windows, ceilings and floors are major characteristics of these schools. Children sit on bare floors to  be taught as chairs and tables have suddenly become very scare items; Others sit under trees due to acute shortage of classrooms, most of the classrooms are not suitable for goats and pigs let alone human being, children for that matter.

The situation of our public schools was correctly and adequately reported by Gabriel Okanyi Enemali an online investigative journalist in his report. I appreciate him for bringing this to public knowledge. Learning has indeed been made difficult for these children. One needs to visit these schools when it rains so as to catch a better picture of the condition and sufferings our young boys and girls go through daily in their quest for formal education.

When we deny our children the right to quality education in a safe and conducive environment, we murder their future. The development we earnestly seek in Dekina / Bassa Federal Constituency begins with a sound mind especially of our children. The very basic foundation for meaningful development is access to quality education for the young boys and girls in our constituency.

I need to say here that education remains one of the keys for living a fulfilled life. It guarantees the son of a peasant farmer today  becoming a banker, doctor, engineer etc tomorrow. An educated society is one safe and free from all forms of social vices like kidnapping, armed robbery and the host of others as we all currently experience in the communities we live. Until we place priority on the things that would bring development, promote peace and guarantee security we will continue to wallow in the dark.

Successive Governments and elected representatives in the state are though responsible for this trend, they should not be left alone in solving problems related to education in our constituency. We all must rise, take responsibility and support government in our individual capacities by ensuring our children get quality education in the most suitable environment for learning in the various public schools they attend. It is my earnest expectation that the state government pays special attention to improving the deteriorating state of public schools in the constituency as much as they do pay to partisan politics.

Sometimes in December, 2017 with the help of God, I gave a financial grant of N20,000 each to 300 teachers in Dekina / Bassa Federal Constituency to enable them meet their individual basic needs. This I did, because I believe when a teacher is comfortable, he or she would be better positioned to transfer knowledge to our young boys and girls.

I am greatly considering a program I believe would help improve the overall learning standards in our public schools for our young boys and girls. I strongly believe you all can do better.

May God continue to bless the good and amiable people of Dekina / Bassa Federal Constituency. 

Dekina / Bassa Nyanyo Dole!!!

– Hon. Sani Idakwo Philips

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