Kogi Guber: Igala Stakeholders Meeting a Catalyst for Ebira Unity

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In the build up to the Nov.16 governorship election different groups of political misfits have started emerging. I woke up to read with disdain, emotion and heavy heart on the display of ignorance and show of shame by the so called stakeholders in their wash-out communiqué.

The gathering is indeed an academic exercise in futility by some idle minds who are yet to acclimatised with defeat and loosing grips of state treasury. From the gathering, it is not difficult to know the enemies who have led Kogi state to comatose with introduction of percentage salaries, pension arrears, ghost workers, ghost institutions and of course monumental corruption sprawled with infrastructural deficit during their stay in governance.

Based on the communique, if their performance indicator is anything to go by, Kogi State would have been Heaven on Earth, Milk and Honey for the citizens before now. Based on their abysmal performance for their 16years rule they have automatically become prisoners of their indicator for the ineptitude regime.

If I may ask, are the stakeholders more indigenous than the Attah of Igala, a paramount ruler of highest repute? His Royal Highness has acknowledged and applauded the performances of the governor to have superseded the 16years rule of his kinsmen hence his adoption of Governor Yahaya Bello. The adoption was live on mass media with other high chiefs from Igala land, record doesn’t lie. Therefore, the ranting of the so called stakeholders is to the dogs and inconsequential in Kogi of today.

For information, Kogi state was created on ‘Tripod Stand’ vis-a-vis combination of Kogi Central Senatorial Zone, Kogi West Senatorial Zone and Kogi East Senatorial Zone. Therefore, the rights to leadership of the state does not rest on the shoulder of one Senatorial Zone hence all the Senatorial Zones are heir apparent to the governorship position of the state. One leg does not make a tripod stand is against nature and God frowned at it.

There is no gain saying or out of context each time it is said that some groups of people are greedy and or self centred, just in four years this group of people who believes Kogi State is their personal estate could not endure, persevere for the Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Restoration of the state to happen. How could they  hastily compare four(4) years to sixteen (16) years of their maladministration.

Beware, the meeting of this element is detrimental not in the interest of the general Kogites but to their personal aggrandizement and “egocentrism”. No wonder they said if Igala continue to rule for life heaven will not fall. Who is their slave? We should as a matter of fact take the move by the selfish stakeholders as a wake up call for us to come together in unison and do the needful by voting them out once again for Kogi State to realize her potentials.

On behalf of the marginalized Kogites, I use this medium to appreciate the good people of Kogi state who are de-tribalized but believe in the oneness of all tribes in the state, most especially the Attah of Igala and the rest Royal Fathers who believes in Kogi project.

In a cosmopolitan state, nobody has monopoly of knowledge. Let power rotate and see the ingenuity of others. Democracy is about mass participation and fair play. In God We Trust.

– Hon Nasir Onujabe

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