Dekina Agenda: Abubakar Rajab, Shut Up You’re Not a Kogi Indigene – Group

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Abubakar Rajab lacks moral right to speak for Dekina Indigenes. Wada’s second term agenda is Dekina Agenda.

When you missed road and not ready to retrace your step, it  is calamity. Abubakar Rajab is not qualified to discuss Dekina Agenda more or less malign the incumbent Governor on Dekina Agenda. Rajab should leave Dekina Agenda to Dekina Indigenes.

Today, the race to Lugard House is narrowed down between two political gladiators, that is the Former Governor Prince Abubakar Audu and his desire to complete his 3rd term dreams and the Incumbent Governor the people’s Governor Captain Idris Wada.

Since the inception of Wada administration, He has spread it tentacles across the three Senatorial Zones in Kogi State. His leadership styles is all inclusive, he is not promoting one ethnic against the others.

But rotating Kogi State governorship is a clarion call that will be realize any moment we are very much aware of the quest for power shift, it is the equation that must balance. Ebira, Okun and other minority tribes in Kogi State deserves equal attention therefore power shift must not be ignore.

Prince Abubakar Audu is from Ofu Local Government Area, he was elected Governor of Kogi state 1992 and 2000, is obvious that this axis has received it fair representation.  Ibrahim Idris IBRO is from Omala local government he has completed his own terms in office and Omala local government has paved way for Dekina Local Government Area, the largest and biggest local government in Kogi State and Nigeria entirety.

Wada’s first term is not without challenges right from legal tussle between Wada and Ajie Echocho both from Dekina local government, apart from the legal case that lasted for almost 3 years the era witness declined in oil Price as that directly affect excess crude account as state no more receive excess crude account, inherited debt, and over bloat recurrent expenditures,  Wada administration has touched every sectors of Kogi Economy, establishment of School of Medicine, Establishment of Nigeria South Korea Vocational and students exchange programmes, Alo Cement industry, upgrading of the entire General Hospitals across the state,  building of modern drainage systems and Lokoja Township embankment,  Lokoja towns modern Park,  Lokoja Township bypass on going just to mention but a few worthy of mention is that despite financial challenges Wada is among the few state paying 18000 Minimum wage.

Our appeal is simple, Dekina the biggest local government in Kogi State should be allow to complete it second term in office. We are very much aware of power shift demands, we are very much aware that other local government like Idah, AKPA, Igalamela etc hasn’t produced the Governor, should we missed it now then we may not have it soon.

Attah Ikani for Kogi Renaissance Group

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