COVID-19: Journalist Recommends Education Programme for Students’ Development

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Lagos based journalist, Arogbonlo Israel has called on Federal Government to take into cognizance the mental development of Nigerian students amid the Coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Mr Arogbonlo, in his words, recommended education programmes across the conventional media as viable tools to enlighten the students, especially during the lockdown, adding this would help to reawaken the memories of the students who have been at home for some weeks back.

“It’s high time Federal Government put into consideration the mental development of students across the country, especially those in areas affected by the lockdown. We must remember that these students have been sitting at the comfort of their homes for a couple of weeks now with little or no academic activities to keep them busy.

“The only time they (the students) can be engaged via the media is now, and it is the responsibility of the government through the support of the Ministry of Education to engage these wards through juicy education programme on the conventional media; television, radio, newspaper etc,” he said.

The ex Campuslife writer advised parents to keep encouraging wards particularly in the area of personal study so as to facilitate their learning horizon.

He also admonished the students to explore the lockdown period for deep introspection and reflection on what they have been taught in school.

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