Comrade Alibest Takes HIV/AIDS Advocacy to Kogi Youth House, Distributes Condoms

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With the goal of stimulating youth policy makers’ action against HIV/AIDS, prevention activist Comrade Alibest Mayaki today paid an advocacy visit to Kogi Youth House to enlighten youths on HIV/AIDS, prevention and how to live a healthy sexual life while avoiding the risk of contacting the virus.
Received by the Chairman, Kogi State chapter of National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Comrade Oladele Nihi, Alibest noted that youths constitute a very large percentage of people with HIV/AIDS, stating that lack of proper enlightenment and sensitization makes more youths to engage in unsafe sex and other dangerous activities that  expose them to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases that are easily preventable.
He further stressed that HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence as ways have been involved where those living with the virus can still live a healthy and positive life. He however stressed on the need for safety, and advised those with multiple sexual partners to play safe through the use of condom as a better way to avoid getting infected.
“Prevention is better than cure”, he said.
He latter presented cartons of condom to the Chairman to be distributed to members and visitors. He urged the council to use her noble platform to carry on with the advocacy on HIV/AIDS.
Reacting, Comrade Nihi thanked the visitor for bringing the advocacy to the Youth House, stressing that despite the giant strides being achieved in the HIV/AIDS advocacy, there is the need to increase the momentum by reaching out to more people and engaging more stakeholders.
He added that the youth council is also committed to the fight against HIV/AIDS and will continue to preach the ‘ABC of HIV/AIDS’.

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