Circle Four @ 35: Dr. Anyegwu Calls for Sustainable Attention to Good Health, Personal Hygiene

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The Provost College of Health Sciences and Technology Idah (KSCHSTI), Sanitarian Dr. Nuhu Solomon Anyegwu, has urged the members of Circle Four (4) Association Idah to invest more in good health and personal hygiene to meet up with the current demands of climate change, viral diseases, moral life and spirituality. 

He made the call in a keynote lecture delivered at the 35th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the association dubbed ‘Healthful Behavior/Ingredients That Promotes Useful Health and Long Lives’. The lecture which was quite provocative, inspiring and a clearly defined message that is capable of leaving a lasting impression in the minds of members of Circle 4 Association Idah.

He said the ingredients for healthful living suggest those necessary things , parts of behavior that guarantee healthy lives. This ranges from the level of intake of balance d diet, having adequate sleep daily, positive thinking and meditation, constantly engaging the services of physicians and other medical personnel ( not quacks), then maintenance of environmental and bodily hygiene followed by having regular exercises to keep fit, avoidance of self medication and so on. 

Anyegwu who is kind, compassionate but never shy away from tough issues said the fear of God is not just the beginning of wisdom but the master key to enjoy everyday living and  long life. 

‘ If you fear God , will you be in a cult group? The answer is NO ! If you don’t fear Him in the quest to become rich, you will join this thing. May be one one of the days , unexpectedly, God will say young man you are parking up next tomorrow. What happens to you immediately? Fears grips your mind . However, the fear of God will not allow you  to indulge in anything that can quickly run you to the grave . You will not be flirting or coveting your neighbors wife or talk yourself into any dangerous acts that can kill you. In fact proverb 10 : 27 (NIV) can attest to it this: “The fear of the Lord adds length to life,but the years of the wicked are cut short.”

“Research reveals that those in the assembly of the people of God ; that hears faith lifting messages on daily basis or weekly tends to live longer in life than those that do not go to a place of worship to hear life transforming messages” : He alerted 

“As we celebrate this mile­stone of the association , we should also pay adequate attention to good health and personal hygiene as indices of longevity. This singular act begins with observing regular medical checkup and examination. It will help to know your blood pressure level , normal range between 130/80, 120/80 depending on your age. The medical doctor or physician testing your BP will tell you what to do or don’t based on the situation. In fact you will be advised on dietry intake particularly the food you must eat to avoid yielding hypertension in life” : Anyegwu said

Underscoring the importance of health to every human being he charged  the members of Circle 4 to create time for  a good sleep at least after six to a minimum of  seven hours daily. This will in no little measure bring the organs of the body to a point of rest from the hustling and bustling of to day to day activities.  

” The brain is what sees, hears discern , interprete . It is the center of coordination of the human being body system. During rest the brain relaxes , eyes close, ear not hearing things, all the organs at the point of rest .. to reinvigorate, energized and when you wake up it is strengthened, refreshed to keep you going . Sleep is important. Anything you are doing that makes you to deprive yourself adequate sleep daily . It will be killing you gradually. Ensure good sleep or siester everyday :  Anyegwu Advised 

Circle Four Association Idah is organized to cater for the needs of the members. The group understand one word ,that is WELFARISM. The Chief Host of the AGM and Chairman of the occasion Mr. Ajayi F.A commended the guest speaker for a lecture well delivered. The lecture is pointed and impassioned. 

– Inah Stephen Eyiene, Media Aide KSCHSTI

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